WWE RAW Results - Rock Returns To RAW As WWE Champion, RAW Roulette, More

- After the commercial, Vince McMahon comes out and says he's ready to have some fun. Vince calls Paul Heyman to the ring. Heyman extends his hand but Vince doesn't want to shake it. Vince asks if Heyman was in with The Shield or Brad Maddox. Vince asks if Heyman has ever lied. Heyman says he has lied every single day of his stinking life because he's a promoter. Heyman says he doesn't regret it because that's what kept him alive. Heyman goes on and swears to Vince that he's not lying now. Vince asks if Heyman is an honorable man. Heyman says he doesn't know but he's trying to become one. Maybe he can learn from Vince. Heyman says he wants to be here. Vince has the cameras do a close-up on Heyman's face. He asks the fans if this is an honorable face, an honest man. The fans say no. Vince shows us some footage that was shot a few weeks ago in Northern California. It's footage of Heyman walking with Brad Maddox. Heyman tells Brad's cameraman to turn his camera off but he keeps recording. It reveals Heyman and Punk hired Maddox to screw Ryback at Hell In a Cell. Heyman also reveals they pay The Shield to do jobs for them. The Shield appear and surround Maddox. Maddox tells Heyman he will leave, Heyman tells Maddox to take the beating like a man. Maddox tells Heyman to tell Punk he's sorry. Heyman tells Maddox to take this as a learning experience. The Shield beat Maddox down.

Fans chant "you got busted" at Heyman. Next they start singing goodbye to Heyman. Vince wants an explanation. Heyman says that wasn't him in the video. Heyman says Vince can relate to being falsely accused. Heyman says his accent is very easy to imitate. Heyman says he is being set up because of jealousy. Because of his success with ECW and CM Punk. Heyman still insists it wasn't him in the video. Vince asks fans if Heyman is lying and if he deserves to be fired. Heyman tells Vince not to do this. Vince wishes Heyman well in his future endeavors. You're... Brock Lesnar's music hits and out he comes to a big pop.

Lesnar hits the ring and the fans chant his name. Lesnar backs Heyman off and gets in Vince's face. Lesnar touches Vince with his nose and it pisses Vince off. Vince tells Lesnar not to do something he will regret later on. Heyman begs Vince to leave the ring. Lesnar scoops Vince up and lays him out with a F-5. Heyman tells Lesnar no more and to stop. Lesnar bounces around the ring while Heyman asks him what did he do. There's a pop for Lesnar as he exits the ring and Vince tries to recover in the ring. An ECW chant breaks out as RAW goes off the air.

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