At Killer Instinct, Kevin Steen defended his ROH World Championship against Jay Lethal in a heated contest. Things spilled out of the ring, and Steen antagonized Lethal's parents, causing Lethal's father to throw a drink in Steen's face. Steen responded by spitting in Lethal's mother's face.

Lethal went berserk and proceeded to attack everyone in sight, including ROH officials, refs and security. The match ended in a No Contest, and Lethal continued his chaos after the leaving the ring, eventually taking out Jim Cornette.

Due to Lethal's actions, Steen refused to defend his title against Michael Elgin at Glory By Honor XI unless the following demands were met:

ROH officials gave in, and Steen went on to defend his title against Elgin, and later El Generico at Final Battle 2012.

Lethal though, was barred from competing for the ROH World Title for the duration of Steen's reign, despite the fact that Lethal had earned a future title shot at Survival of the Fittest 2012 before Killer Instinct.

So, at Final Battle, Lethal confronted ROH Match Maker Nigel McGuinness and demanded to face Steen. McGuinness refused, and told Lethal that if Generico won, he would get a title shot. Lethal spit in McGuinness' face and security removed him from the building.

Following their confrontation, McGuinness confronted Lethal on Ring of Honor Wrestling TV in Baltimore on 1/19, and he told Lethal that the only way the ban would be lifted is if Steen agreed.

So, on ROH TV this past weekend, Lethal confronted Steen and SCUM, and asked him to lift the ban. Steen accepted Lethal's challenge.

ROH officials have now announced that at 11th Anniversary from Chicago Ridge on March 2nd, ROH World Champion Kevin Steen will defend his title against Jay Lethal live on iPPV. Tickets to the event are also on sale now at this link.

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