WWE Main Event Recap - Ryback Vs. Cesaro, MizTV, Tensai Vs. Titus

WWE Main Event Recap - Ryback Vs. Cesaro, MizTV, Tensai Vs. Titus
Welcome to the WrestlingInc.com WWE Main Event Recap.

- Main Event begins with a recap of the Paul Heyman-Vince McMahon confrontation from RAW, ending with Brock Lesnar delivering the F5 to Mr. McMahon.

- The opener plays and we go straight to MizTV from the stage. Miz comes out and welcomes us to the show. He says his guest tonight demolished his set last time and hopefully he won't do the same again. He introduces Ryback.

Ryback looks at Miz and thanks him for having him. He says he's a big fan of his show and takes a seat. They have a "Really?" session. Miz says the last time he was on the show he threw the couch over the top to the floor. Ryback says he didn't realize how comfortable they actually are. Miz drops a cheesy Feed Me More line and Ryback deadpans him. Moving on, Miz brings up Ryback's opponent tonight, Antonio Cesaro and sends to video from last week's show where Miz threw Cesaro back in the ring against Ryback. Ryback says Cesaro ran like a coward last week but he won't be so lucky this week.

Cesaro's music hits and he walks by the set and backs down the ramp, ranting about them conspiring against him like typical Americans. Ryback tells him if he's going to run this time, he better start now. Ryback comes down and gets in the ring as we go to break.

Ryback vs. Antonio Cesaro

Ryback powers Cesaro in the corner and stomps him. Cesaro counters and comes back with knees to the gut. Ryback lifts Cesaro in a super delayed vertical suplex and drops him. Ryback clotheslines him over the top in front of Miz and Michael Cole. Cesaro has words with Miz and Miz tells him to just not run this time. Ryback takes control back in the ring. Ryback hits the Thesz Press and slams the back of Cesaro's head on the mat several times.

The action goes to the floor and Ryback slings Cesaro hard into the security wall. The crowd chants, "Feed Me More" as we go to break.

- We're back to action as Ryback has Cesaro in a bearhug in the middle of the ring. Cesaro fights out and Ryback misses with a charge in the corner and goes flying to the floor. Cesaro sends Ryback into the steps and tells the ref to count. Ryback just makes it back in at 9. Cesaro tries to keeps Ryback down with knees to the sternum and comes off the top, driving his knee into Ryback's arm for 2. Cesaro stays in control with a rear chinlock. Ryback fights up and no-sells a kick to the head from Cesaro and builds momentum with a powerful spinebuster.

Ryback pumps his fist in the corner with the fans cheering as he waits for Cesaro to get up. He hits the Meat Hook but Cesaro rolls out of the ring and starts up the ramp. Ryback gives chase and bounces Cesaro's head off the steel ramp. Ryback takes him back down to the ring. Cesaro rolls out to the other side and hauls-off and kicks Miz straight in the face. Ryback runs out but Cesaro escapes over the wall and through the crowd.

Miz gets up, holding his mouth. The ref counts Cesaro out.

Winner by count out: Ryback

Miz glares at the ramp at Cesaro after the replay.

- Miz sells the kick to the face as we return from a break. He says Cesaro is a coward for nailing him and running away. Cole sends to video of Tensai's dance-off in a dress from RAW.

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