Dolph Ziggler Talks Rock's Sporadic Returns, Losing To Cena, Three Hour Raws & More

Dolph Ziggler Talks Rock's Sporadic Returns, Losing To Cena, Three Hour Raws & More Photo: Johnny Gee Photography
Recently, WWE superstar Dolph Ziggler was interviewed by Matt de Groot on and discussed a number of topics. Topics included; why he's waited so long to be WWE champion, stealing the show, three hour Raws, The Rock coming back, two main championship belts and more. Here are some of the highlights:

On why it's taken so long to put the belt on him for any serious time: "You're asking the wrong guy. [Laughs.] My career goals were to be champion two years ago and -- obviously/hopefully -- things happen for a reason. And it's not that I haven't delivered at any point, I've constantly outdone myself when it comes to stealing the show or putting on great matches or just having great feuds with other superstars.

"The intrigue is there, the build is a long time coming and people that have been fans of mine will be quite relieved when it finally takes place. The hard work is in place and now it's just about timing."

On whether or not his ability to sell a move or a loss is holding back his career: "It is a little bit of a curse that I'm so good at my job. I don't know anyone else's job where it's like, 'Hey, you're so good that we're not going to promote you.' You know what I mean?

"So, it is a little disheartening to have that happen. But, in this day and age, I don't know anyone else that can do what I can do and still have the believability and the credibility of becoming champion with losig 60% of the time -- or more. I bet it's way more.

"So, with having that unique quality, I serve a purpose for the WWE. But it's not my only purpose. One way or another, scratching and clawing for years, every time it's down and up but it's one inch higher. So, now it's so close to becoming my time. To say that I haven't earned it would just be ridiculous."

On whether or not selling for someone like John Cena only to lose quickly bothers him: "Aboslutely, it does. Knowing the fact that I am the guy who's in the situation to be in there with a John Cena. To where, you're not just, 'Oh, here comes John Cena, we're going to see his usual things.' You see something totally different with him, you see a great match with him.

"It's not just because of me. We have this cool chemistry where we kind of hate each other but we both want to put on a great show. It does make me so angry that I can hit him with everything I can think of and he still kicks out. But, it's because he has earned his spot at the top. Ten years strong and he is the franchise of the WWE.

"The fact that I am this close to beating him, it gives me a little bit of confidence to say, 'OK, one of these times, I'm going to be the one to beat him.' Then, it's going to be my time. So, the longer that goes on, the more the intrigue is there to say when is the time I'm going to win the big match."

On whether WWE's new-found belief in keeping titles on guys for longer periods of time make it harder to get a shot: "Absolutely. For a while, it seemed like titles were changing hands all the time. Now, it's back to a more traditional -- this is our superstar, this is our guy. He's the champ and we're going to prove it. [Sheamus and C.M. Punk] held on to titles for a really long time, especially Punk with 400-something days.

"But, in this day and age, it does mean more when you actually do de-thrown a champion. So, it's hundreds of days later and it becomes your time and the targets on your back. If you lose it in a couple of weeks, how embarrassing would that be. So, it's a blessing and a curse not to have gotten it at this point, but I've also never been in a better place in my career and more prepared than right now."

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