Dolph Ziggler Talks Rock's Sporadic Returns, Losing To Cena, Three Hour Raws & More

"With something like the internet constantly having something out there -- like, I just found out who my opponent is for WrestleMania via the internet. So, that's how reliable it is and you have that out there. There are so many opinions and different things. To be able to still get through to people and have a good show, at the end of the day, that's a pat on the back."

On why three hour Raws are a good idea: "...[W]e have so many superstars who aren't even on TV every week or at all. There are so many great, great guys that we have that are fighting for 30 seconds on TV or to be in a backstage shot for a couple of seconds.

"I think with three hours, it's going to be that mmuch better to start establishing new superstars. Slowly but surely, getting a couple of extra segments so we can get in some guys and start introducing them to the public. I think in the long run, that's a much better idea for WWE so you can start having kids relate to different characters."

On whether or not having a World championship and a WWE championship dilutes both: "I don't think it dilutes them at all. Maybe in a different time when there was 20 superstars, it made sense to have one championship. Now, we have 70 and 100 in developmental and people waiting backstage.

"We have too much talent and so many television shows with WWE almost every day of the week that I think we almost need to have two separate World and WWE championships. Also, it gives something else to shot for for other WWE superstars.

"It's not like, 'Oh, Punk's in the middle of day 400 and I'm at the bottom of the ladder here. How am I ever going to get here?' You always have a option. You have two different champions, I think that's just fine in this day and age.

"...I think it helps (the Royal Rumble), because you don't just go, 'Oh, the winner. He's facing this guy.' It's, 'Oh, cool. That guy won, I think that would be a really cool match with Punk or Rock or Del Rio.' That's a cool other aspect of the Rumble, waiting to see who they choose. I think that's a cool story line."

On whether The Rock coming back hurts the development of other superstars: "You can see it both ways and not be wrong. I used to, a year or two ago, say, 'Ah! The Rock's back for a month, take all the good spots. Right?' No.

"He's back to bring more eyes to the WWE that maybe wouldn't have been on them. 'Wow, I really enjoyed Rock in that movie, let's see what he's doing at WrestleMania.' That's the whole thing, to get a new audience to cross over and enjoy our show.

"In the long run, him being in that spot, coming back and giving back to the WWE will bring -- hopefully -- lots of eyes that normally wouldn't see it. They'll go, 'Man, I'm going to watch WrestleMania for The Rock. Oh, Dolph Ziggler stole the show. I'm going to watch next Monday with The Rock's not around."

You can check out the entire interview by clicking here.

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