TNA Impact Results - Hogan Reinstates Bully, Wes & Garett Revealed, Open Fight Night, Sound Off

TNA Impact Results - Hogan Reinstates Bully, Wes & Garett Revealed, Open Fight Night, Sound Off Photo: 1 Raiders Fan
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- Impact begins with a video recap of the Bully-Brooke storyline. "Will Hulk Hogan un-suspend Bully Ray?"

- We go to crowd shots from the UK. It's Open Fight Night. Tonight, Kurt Angle faces Mr. Anderson in a Steel Cage. Plus, Dixie Carter will have a huge announcement.

- Daniels & Kazarian makes their way to the ring in kilts and face paint. They get a huge 'You Suck' chant. Kazarian says it's Throwback Thursday and they are going all the way back to the 13th Century. They want to pay homage to the Scots, "the true warriors of the United Kingdom." Kaz introduced Daniels as the crowd continues to 'boo.' Daniels cuts a promo on Jeff Hardy and calls the crowd 'tossers.' They are interrupted by Magnus who comes to the ring and poses in the corner.

Magnus cuts a promo on them and calls them disrespectful Muppets in need of a good slap. He says if Daniels wants to fight an Englishman he can fight him. They drop their mic's and Daniels pushes Magnus. Magnus strikes Kaz and falls victim to the numbers game. Magnus comes back and throws Daniels out then clotheslines Kazarian out. Magnus then calls out Devon from Aces & 8's. Devon comes through the side by himself as we go to commercial.

Open Fight Night: Magnus vs. Devon

The bell rings and Magnus attacks Devon and throws him over the top. Magnus goes out to drive Devon into the security rails several times. Magnus throws him back in but Devon kicks the ropes into Magnus' groin on the way back in and takes control. The crowd is hot for Magnus. Devon keeps control of Magnus after spurts of a comeback and antagonizes the crowd. Taz puts Devon over from commentary. He says the attack Magnus was random. Devon misses with the headbutt out of the corner and Magnus builds momentum. Magnus hits a big flying knee and a clothesline. He hits a sit-down slam as Aces & 8's members DOC and Knox enter the ring. Magnus takes care of them as the bell rings.

Winner by disqualification: Magnus

Taz says Magnus escaped by the skin of his teeth.

- A video for Joseph Park is shown.

- We are reminded about Dixie's announcement and Mike Tenay says, "It's gonna be a big one."

- We're back to shots from the UK.

- We go to Bully, Brooke, and Sting in the back. Bully says he's texted 'him' four times and asks Sting if he's heard of him. Sting says that he said he'll "be there." Brooke says her dad always comes through and tells Bully to try from her phone.

- We go to the ring where Joseph Park announces the ruckus crowd. He is interrupted by Robbie E. with Robbie T. before he can call someone out for Open Fight Night. Robbie E. says Park is not a wrestler but just a hamster like everyone else in the UK. Robbie T. turns and glares at him. Robbie says he's basically American now so it's OK. Robbie E. takes Park's wrestling notebook and wipes it on his butt. Robbie says it's Open Bro Night; Park accepts Robbie's challenge and here we go.

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