- Impact begins with a video recap of the Bully-Brooke storyline. "Will Hulk Hogan un-suspend Bully Ray?"

- We go to crowd shots from the UK. It's Open Fight Night. Tonight, Kurt Angle faces Mr. Anderson in a Steel Cage. Plus, Dixie Carter will have a huge announcement.

- Daniels & Kazarian makes their way to the ring in kilts and face paint. They get a huge 'You Suck' chant. Kazarian says it's Throwback Thursday and they are going all the way back to the 13th Century. They want to pay homage to the Scots, "the true warriors of the United Kingdom." Kaz introduced Daniels as the crowd continues to 'boo.' Daniels cuts a promo on Jeff Hardy and calls the crowd 'tossers.' They are interrupted by Magnus who comes to the ring and poses in the corner.

Magnus cuts a promo on them and calls them disrespectful Muppets in need of a good slap. He says if Daniels wants to fight an Englishman he can fight him. They drop their mic's and Daniels pushes Magnus. Magnus strikes Kaz and falls victim to the numbers game. Magnus comes back and throws Daniels out then clotheslines Kazarian out. Magnus then calls out Devon from Aces & 8's. Devon comes through the side by himself as we go to commercial.

Open Fight Night: Magnus vs. Devon

The bell rings and Magnus attacks Devon and throws him over the top. Magnus goes out to drive Devon into the security rails several times. Magnus throws him back in but Devon kicks the ropes into Magnus' groin on the way back in and takes control. The crowd is hot for Magnus. Devon keeps control of Magnus after spurts of a comeback and antagonizes the crowd. Taz puts Devon over from commentary. He says the attack Magnus was random. Devon misses with the headbutt out of the corner and Magnus builds momentum. Magnus hits a big flying knee and a clothesline. He hits a sit-down slam as Aces & 8's members DOC and Knox enter the ring. Magnus takes care of them as the bell rings.

Winner by disqualification: Magnus

Taz says Magnus escaped by the skin of his teeth.

- A video for Joseph Park is shown.

- We are reminded about Dixie's announcement and Mike Tenay says, "It's gonna be a big one."

- We're back to shots from the UK.

- We go to Bully, Brooke, and Sting in the back. Bully says he's texted 'him' four times and asks Sting if he's heard of him. Sting says that he said he'll "be there." Brooke says her dad always comes through and tells Bully to try from her phone.

- We go to the ring where Joseph Park announces the ruckus crowd. He is interrupted by Robbie E. with Robbie T. before he can call someone out for Open Fight Night. Robbie E. says Park is not a wrestler but just a hamster like everyone else in the UK. Robbie T. turns and glares at him. Robbie says he's basically American now so it's OK. Robbie E. takes Park's wrestling notebook and wipes it on his butt. Robbie says it's Open Bro Night; Park accepts Robbie's challenge and here we go.

Open Fight Night: Robbie E. vs. Joseph Park

Park no-sells a crossbody and Robbie E. just bounces off. Robbie stomps Park down but Park comes back with a couple of armdrags and slams Robbie. Park misses with a splash and Robbie E. goes back to stomps and strikes to the face. Robbie flies off the corner with a clothesline and gets 2. Robbie misses in the corner and straddles the turnbuckle. Park starts to freak out and 'goes to that place' on Robbie. Park hits a belly-to-belly and flies out of the corner with a splash for the win.

Winner by pin: Joseph Park

Robbie T. check son Robbie E. at ringside as Park celebrates and slaps hands with the fans in Manchester.

- Hulk Hogan arrives in the back.

- We go to the ring with Bobby Roode and Austin Aries. Aries says the two most valuable members of the roster continue to be robbed. Aries says he and Roode are going to win all the gold, including the Knockouts Title. They are going to start out with the easiest titles to win: the Tag Titles. Chavo & Hernandez interrupt. Chavo says they have to be a team to win the tag team titles and proposes to fight. Aries says if one of them beats Chavo or Hernandez then they will get a title shot. Aries tells Roode to let him take care of this.

Open Fight Night: Austin Aries vs. Chavo Guerrero

They go back-and-forth as we go to commercial. Chavo sends Aries in as we return; Aries puts on the brakes and ducks to the floor. Chavo takes Roode out from inside the ring and Aries runs in the ring and flies out on Chavo. Aries takes over on Chavo in the ring. Chavo fights back but Aries keeps him under control and gets a couple of near-falls. We get dueling Aries-Chavo chants as Aries hits a nice back bodydrop and goes up top for a Frogsplash but Chavo moves. Chavo hits a nice standing dropkick and a back bodydrop. Chavo hits the 3 Amigos and connects with the Frogsplash but Roode gets on the apron which brings Hernandez in and the ref is distracted.

Aries hits a running dropkick to the face of Chavo in the corner and the Brain Buster for the win.

Winner by pin: Austin Aries

Aries and Roode argue up the ramp.

- In the back, Brooke tells Bully that Hogan is here and they nervously hold hands and walk as we go to break.

- We're back to more shots from Manchester.

- Kurt Angle talks about Mr. Anderson joining Aces & 8's and how he wants to get his hands on him. He is in the back with Samoa Joe, Garett Bischoff, and Wes Briscoe. Joe tells Angle he will get Anderson in the cage one on one. Wes and Garett chime in but Joe says they don't need their help and he will handle it. Joe leaves. Angle tells them that Joe is exactly the guy he needs and sends them on their way.

- A Brooke-Bully video is shown.

- Bully and Brooke make their way to the ring. Bully says he loves Brooke and it is that love that got him suspended by her dad. He tells Hulk they are family now and they have a common enemy in Aces & 8's. Bully says there is only one man that can get Hogan to reinstate him. He starts a 'Sting' chant and The Icon's music hits.

Sting takes in the chants and says it feels good to be back in the UK. Sting says he doesn't quite have the stroke to get Hogan out here but the crowd does. He starts a 'Hogan' chant. Hogan's music finally hits after a pause and subsequent 'boos.' Hogan slowly walks down the ramp and gets in the ring. Hogan gets a loud response. Sting says they got a war zone going on and he can't think of any place better to make things right with Bully Ray right now.

Hogan says he always does the right thing when his family is concerned and reinstates Bully. Hogan says that he sometimes gets confused between business and family and makes a match for next week: 2 Members of Aces & 8's vs. Sting & Bully in a Tables Match. Hogan puts out his hand and Bully. Hogan pushes Brooke toward Bully and gives the 'thumbs-up.'

- Velvet Sky is on her way to the ring.

- Dixie Carter tells us in a video that Impact TV tapings are going on the road permanently starting March 14 from Chicago. She thanks everyone for making Impact a global success.

- Velvet Sky makes her way to the ring in her old gear. She calls out Terra and Jesse, the two people responsible for her not being Knockouts Champion. Tara and Jesse come to the ring. Velvet says she has gotten a partner. James Storm's music hits.

Open Fight Night: Tara & Jesse vs. Velvet Sky & James Storm

Jesse backs Storm in the corner and pushes him. Storm pushes back and they trade shots. Tara provides the distraction and Jesse takes over in the corner with stomps. Taryn is the referee by the way. The crowd gets behind Storm and he hits Closing Time on Jesse. They both tag out and Velvet starts a flurry on Tara. Tara kicks out at 2. Velvet hits a faceplant and Storm comes in for another Closing Time on Jesse. Velvet hits her double underhook on Tara for the win.

Winners by pin: Velvet Sky & James Storm

- We return to footage of Jeff Hardy's attack by Aces & 8's from last week. Tenay says that Hardy has been checked out by doctors and we will have more information after an MRI next week.

- Moments Ago: Hogan, with Brooke, talks about Bully not being such a bad guy. He says Bully is now his family and they are in this together. Brooke says the table stipulation was like giving candy to a kid.

- We go to crowd shots as they send to footage form LockDown with Angle vs. Anderson.

- We go Mr. Anderson in the back and he says Aces & 8's have shown him more brotherhood than he's received in the entire his time at TNA. He stares into the camera and tells Angle that he's not leaving the same way he came.

- Samoa Joe is laid out in the back on the floor with a turned-over couch as Wes and Garett crouch over him. Angle comes in and wonders what happened. He tells Garett to stay with him and get the paramedics and Wes to go with him. Garett lazily calls for a doctor as we go to break.

- We're back for Mr. Anderson's entrance through the side. Kurt Angle comes down with Wes Briscoe and enters the ring.

Cage Match: Kurt Angle vs. Mr. Anderson

Anderson goes right at Angle and stomps him to the mat. There are camera holes in the cage. Anderson keeps the pressure on Angle. Angle hits a dropkick off the 2nd buckle and they are both on the mat. Angle hits some clotheslines and a German Suplex. Anderson counters the Angle Slam and hits a rolling front Senton for 2. Anderson sends Angle hard into the cage and continues to stomp him. Angle reverses and sends Anderson in to the steel and hits the Angle Slam for 2. We go to break.

- We're back to action as they continue to go back-and-forth. Angle and Anderson trade shots on the top rope. Anderson falls and pulls Angle down with him. Anderson tries to climb the cage but is cut-off by Angle who hits the Angle Slam from the top rope. Angle slowly goes in for the cover for 2. Anderson hits the Mic Check from out of nowhere for 2 consecutive near-falls. Angle hits a powerbomb from off the cage for 2. Angle applies the Ankle Lock and Anderson taps.

Winner by submission: Kurt Angle

Wes Briscoe smiles from the ramp. A masked man scales the cage as Wes enters the cage and locks it. Kurt faces off with the masked man and he removes his mask. It is Garett Bischoff. Angle looks at Wes and he says he doesn't know anything about it. Angle charges Garett but Wes clips his knee from behind. Taz says he loves when a plan comes together. Wes takes off his coat and reveals the Aces & 8's vest. Garett holds Angle for Wes to mow down and vice versa. Taz says they just wanted to isolate Angle in the cage. He says these two young guys get it. We see a replay and Garret and Wes stand tall as we go off the air.

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