Re-Post - SmackDown Results (with Tons Of Video)

Winner by pin: Randy Orton

- Wade Barrett sees Bo Dallas backstage and viciously attacks him. He leaves Bo lying in some equipment.

- Kofi Kingston makes his entrance in the ring. Jack Swagger makes his return to the ring.

Kofi Kingston vs. Jack Swagger

Swagger hits a double-leg takedown and takes control of Kofi early. Kofi tries to come back with speed but Swagger keeps him grounded. Swagger kind of looks like a young Hulk Hogan right now. Kofi hits a crossbody out of the corner but Swagger kicks out and takes his head off with a clothesline. Kofi fights back with a monkey-flip and creates some space. Kofi hits a flurry and Swagger bumps around for him. Kofi drops the Boom but Swagger counters the Trouble in Paradise.

Kofi dropkicks Swagger to the floor and flies off the steel steps with a clothesline. Swagger moves at ringside and Kofi's shin connects with the announce booth as he attempts Trouble in Paradise. Swagger sends Kofi in and locks in the ankle lock as Kofi taps.

Winner by submission: Jack Swagger

- Security tries to get Del Rio to calm down in the parking lot. A bus appears in the distance, approaches and parks. Del Rio hides. We see Big Show's big head peaking out of the windshield to see if the coast is clear. He gets out and Del Rio runs at him with the bat. Show moves and Del Rio smashes a car. Show pulls out the driver in an attempt to escape but Del Rio smashes the driver window. Show actually stands on top of the car to avoid Del Rio. Del Rio takes his legs out from under him and mounts him for shots. Show pushes him off and begs off. They dance around the car and Show runs and gets into another one and speeds away as Del Rio yells. This is one of the more realistic 'fights' they have ever produced. Great performance by both, especially Big Show.

- We return to footage of Rock and Punk from RAW.

- Dolph Ziggler makes his way to the ring with Big E and AJ.

- Back from a commercial as Del Rio tells a neck-braced Ricardo that he needs to stay back tonight. He tells Ricardo to trust him. Lilian introduces Del Rio.

Dolph Ziggler vs. Alberto Del Rio

They lock up and trade armbars. Del Rio hits a slam in the corner but misses with the moonsault and lands on his feet. Del Rio launches Ziggler in the air and drops him on his face. Del Rio hits the post in the corner and Ziggler hits a big DDT and a neckbreaker. We get dueling 'Lets Go Ziggler' and 'Ziggler Sucks' chants. Del Rio hits a German Suplex to create some space. AJ distracts the ref from the apron and Big E pushes Del Rio off the top; Ziggler gets 2. Del Rio dropkicks Big E through the ropes and plants Ziggler's face on the mat.

Big E gets on the apron and the ref throws him out as we go to break.

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