Re-Post - SmackDown Results (with Tons Of Video)

- Ziggler hits a beautiful dropkick for a 2 as we return to action. Ziggler gets hung up in the corner and Del Rio brings him down in a suplex off the 2nd. They trade shots toe-to-toe. Del Rio turns it up as Ziggler bumps for him. Del Rio connects with a loud kick to the face of Ziggler for 2. Del Rio calls for the end as the crowd chants, 'Si.' Ziggler counters and hits his finisher but Del Rio kicks out. AJ looks on from ringside.

Del Rio riles-up the crowd again and goes up top but Ziggler meets him with a dropkick in mid-air. It's funny how they kick out of moves like that but get pinned from a so much less only seconds later. Del Rio counters the Zig Zag into the cross arm-breaker and Ziggler taps.

Winner by submission: Alberto Del Rio

Big Show appears on the screen and he has Ricardo hostage. He says if Del Rio doesn't stay put, he will snap Ricardo like a piece of straw. Ricardo begs as Show mocks him. Show says he's going to let him go and he hits the KO. I'm sure Ricardo has a concussion by now; this has got to be at least the 3rd time Show has knocked him out in 2 months.

Del Rio sprints to the back to check on Ricardo. Del Rio and a referee frantically call for a doctor over Ricardo's body as SmackDown goes off the air.

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