Thanks to reader Patrick Lee for sending in these results from last night's RAW live event at the Garrett Coliseum in Montgomery, AL:

I was surprised that the Garrett Coliseum was about 2/3 full. Pretty good crowd.

Just as the night before, the opening bout was Zack Ryder vs Conor O'Brian from The Ascention (NXT). The match was pretty short, Ryder picked up the win with his finisher.

The Shield cut a promo on the screens that I could barely hear. I guess they said their usual nonsense.

The next match, if you want to call it that, was between Tensai vs Alex Riley. Vickie Guererro made her appearance and stated that this would be a dance off. Tensai was gettin' down in the ring and A-RY jumped him before the bell. Tensai pinned Riley with his Booty Splash move off the ropes. Alex Riley grabbed the mic and said that it wasn't fair, he had a rock in his shoe. Riley said that in the WWE rule book, page 54 paragraph 6 line 2, blah blah blah anyway, he said he gets a rematch, so Tensai pinned him AGAIN in a matter of 30 Seconds.

The Diva's Title was on the line in the next match between Kaitlyn and Tamina Snuka. Kaitlyn was looking super hot and was beaten down most of the match with little offense. She managed to spear Tamina for the 3 count and retains her Diva's Title. I got a HIGH FIVE from the Hybrid Diva herself! I'm never gonna wash this hand again!

Continuing, the WWE Tag Team Titles were on the line next with Team Hell No vs The Shield. Daniel Bryan came out first followed by Kane. The Shield made their way through the audience as usual. It was Dean Ambrose and Roman Reigns. Rollins was the cheerleader on the outside. Pretty good match. Daniel Bryan was beaten on first for awhile, but came back with some offense of his own and finally tagged Kane. After some of Kane's classic moves, Seth Rollins came in with a steel chair and The Shield was disqualified. After the match, Daniel Bryan is demanding an apology from Kane for throwing him out of the Royal Rumble. Long story short, THEY HUGGED IT OUT in the middle of the ring. How sweet!

After a 15 minute intermission, Jack Swagger and his beard took on Justin Gabriel. Swagger is exactly the same as he was before, except for the beard, and a new haircut. He was yelling at the crowd and made Gabriel tap out to the ankle lock. On his way back down the aisle, Swagger screamed and lunged at some kids at ringside and scared them to death!

Next was the Fans Choice United States Title Match between Antonio Cesaro and The Miz. The No Disqualification match was voted on by the fans and it was truly a brawl. In my opinion, it was the best match of the night. Lengthy, with chairs, kendo sticks, and a table! Cesaro is extremely powerful. After several near falls back and forth, Cesaro caught Miz with the Neutralizer for the pin. Great match.

The Main Event features Ryback and John Cena vs CM Punk and Dolph Ziggler. I was here to see AJ. WOW. Good match as all the wrestlers were interacting with the crowd. Punk told a little girl to SHUT UP at ringside and Cena jumped out of the ring and gave her a huge hug! That was better than the match itself... no, I'm kidding. It was a decent, typical match. Ziggler is really great in the ring. You can probably guess how it ended. That's right, Cena pins Ziggler for the victory. Ryback and Big E had a little confrontation, maybe a feud will begin with these two powerhouses.

Well outside of wanting to strangle a couple of kids, it was a great show. I was front row ringside and on the aisle. Great seat! As I said, the place was dang near full! I was shocked.

Cena, Ryback, and Miz got great pops. Ziggler, Punk, and Cessaro (who is a awesome wrestler) got the most heat. Overall, a fun and entertaining show!

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