Ring of Honor this week dives straight into the action.

Antonio Thomas vs. Tadarius Thomas- Top Prospect Tournament

The two wrestlers do the code of honor, and then Antonio attacks Tadarius from behind. He hits Tadarius with a couple suplexes for a pair of two counts.

Tadarius comes back with some big chops, and tries to whip Antonio into the corner but he reverses.

Antonio hits a belly-to-belly, and then follows it up with several big punches. He keeps up the offense on Tadarius in the corner.

Tadarius escapes, but Antonio locks him in an abdominal stretch. Tadarius makes it to the ropes to escape, and then chokes Antonio on the ropes.

Tadarius throws a flurry of kicks and punches, and then lands a neckbreaker. He goes up top, but Antonio racks him between the legs on the ropes.

Tadarius comes back quickly though, and nails Antonio with another neckbreaker from the turnbuckle.

Tadarius comes down, and the two wrestlers exchange punches. Tadarius hits a big kick out of nowhere for the win.

Winner: Tadarius Thomas

After the match, a promo is shown with Jay Lethal talking up his title shot at 11th Anniversary against Kevin Steen. He promises to be the next ROH World Champion.

Then, Mike Mondo comes to commentary and talks about how he is there to see Grizzly Redwood because he hates Roderick Strong. A vignette is then shown for Redwood that briefly talks about when he was a baby, and beating Michael Elgin and QT Marshall.

Grizzly Redwood vs. Roderick Strong

As soon as the bell rings, Strong picks up a mic and talks trash on Redwood for being so small. Redwood attacks him, but Strong hits him with a knee and several punches.

Strong hits a Suplex. Redwood hits him with a dropkick to the knee, but Strong comes back with a tilt a whirl backbreaker. Redwood reverses into an abdominal stretch and then a cradle for a near pin fall.

Strong tosses Redwood to the apron and then lands a backbreaker. Strong charges at Redwood and misses, and Redwood presses the offense. He goes to attack Strong, but gets hit with a Powerslam.

Strong tries to keep the offense up, but Redwood reverses into a crucifix. They exchange reversals, and Redwood comes out on top with a roll up.

Redwood then keeps up the attack and gets several near pin falls. Strong fights back and slams Redwood on his head in the corner. He hits a high knee followed by a gutbuster for a near pin fall.

Strong attempts a Suplex, but Redwood reverses into another roll up. Strong attacks Redwood for a few moments, and then locks in the Stronghold. Redwood taps out.

Winner: Roderick Strong

After the match, Strong won't let go of the submission so Michael Elgin makes the save.

Michael Elgin vs. Mike Bennett (with Maria Kanellis and Brutal Bob Evans)

Bob gets on the apron to say something to the ref and Elgin knocks him off. Bennett attacks Elgin from behind with several punches.

Elgin comes back with a Powerslam for a two count. Elgin charges Bennett, but he reverses into a pin attempt. Bennett goes for a piledriver, but Elgin sends him over the top rope to the outside.

Elgin hits Bennett with a diving shoulder block. He tries to ram Bennett into the corner of the ring, but Bennett reverses and drops Elgin on the apron.

They head back in the ring and Bennett gets a two count. Elgin comes back with several clotheslines.

Elgin goes for a powerbomb, but Bennett reverses into a TKO attempt, which Elgin reverses into an enziguri.

Bennett comes back and hits the TKO for a near pin fall. He tries for another piledriver, but Elgin hits a big boot, and then takes Bennett up top for a superplex. Maria blocks it.

Elgin then grabs Maria and has her in the superplex position, but Bob blocks it this time. Bennett attacks Elgin off the distraction, and hits the Box Office Smash for a near pin fall.

Bennett tries a piledriver again, and Elgin backs him into the corner. Elgin then attacks for a few moments and hits a spinning sit out powerbomb for the win.

Winner: Michael Elgin

After the match, Inside ROH is shown. It recaps how Lethal got a World Title shot for 11th Anniversary.

Then, BJ Whitmer is shown. He cuts a promo talking about how he is never 100%. He talks about neck surgery and that the best of his story in Ring of Honor is yet to come.

Tag Team Gauntlet Match

American Wolves vs. The Bravados

Charlie Haas is on commentary for the Gauntlet match. Edwards and Harlem start things off. Edwards lands a dropkick, followed by a Powerslam.

Richards comes in and hits a diving headbutt for a near pin fall. Edwards comes back in, and he and Harlem exchange chops. Harlem comes out on top and tags in Lance.

The two go back and forth, and Richards comes back in. He knocks Harlem off the apron, and then locks in a Texas Cloverleaf on Lance. Harlem breaks it up, and the ref starts telling him off.

While the ref's back is turned, Edwards comes in and the Wolves double team Lance. Ref turns back around and Edwards comes back into the match, landing a Suplex for a near pin fall.

Lance fights back and pushes Edwards to the corner, and Harlem comes in. He stomps Edwards.

They exchange offense, with Edwards eventually getting rammed into the ring post. Richards comes in. The Bravados try to double Suplex him, but he blocks it via knees to both their heads.

Lance gets hit with an enziguri, and Edwards comes back in. He hits Harlem (still the legal man) with a super kick, followed by a flurry of punches and kicks.

Richards locks the ankle lock on Harlem, and Edwards the Achilles' lock on Lance. Both Bravados reverse the submissions into near pin falls. After a few head kicks, Richards locks the ankle lock on Harlem, who taps out.

Eliminated: The Bravados

American Wolves vs. SCUM

The two teams brawl, and SCUM gets sent to the outside. The Wolves hit a double suicide dive on SCUM.

The Wolves send Jimmy Jacobs back into the ring, and double team him. Steve Corino comes up on the apron, and Richards tries to kick him. Corino catches the kick, and Jacobs spears Richards to the outside.

Edwards and Corino come in, and Corino hits a low blow. Corino tries to keep the attack up, but Edwards reverses into a roll up for the win.

Eliminated: SCUM

After the match, Corino hits Richards with the ring bell outside the ring, and Jacobs lays Edwards out with a diamond cutter.

American Wolves vs. Fish and O'Reilly

Back from commercial and Fish and O'Reilly are stomping on the Wolves. Richards gets tossed aside, and Fish starts working on Edwards with several big kicks and punches. O'Reilly comes in and keeps the attack up.

Eventually, Fish comes back in and charges at Edwards. He misses, and Edwards comes back with several strikes, allowing Richards to come in.

He destroys both Fish and O'Reilly with big kicks. O'Reilly tries to fight back with a knee, but Richards lands a German Suplex.

He then lands a clothesline, and the two exchange strikes. Fish grabs Richards from the apron, and O'Reilly charges him. Richards moves and O'Reilly hits Fish.

Edwards comes in, and both the Wolves hit O'Reilly with a boot stomp. Fish pulls Richards from the ring and sends him into the barrier.

Fish and O'Reilly hit Edwards with their kick/Brainbuster combo for the win.

Winners and new number one contenders to the ROH World Tag Team Titles: Fish and O'Reilly

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