TNA has officially suspended it Gut Check Challenge voting following a controversial flaw that allowed fans to vote multiple times.

TNA originally started the poll to find TNA fan's favorite wrestler who has participated in a TNA Gut Check seminar. Winners would get an opportunity at a gut check challenge on Impact Wrestling. TNA's original press release warned fans that only one vote per IP address would be valid. Unfortunately, the one vote limit was not the case and following the discovery of this flaw, users voted multiple times for their favorite wrestlers, drastically changing the outcome of the polls across every bracket.

This infuriated some independent wrestlers who were on the list, and a handful reached out to TNA for an explanation and were told that the voting system would not be changed. A few wrestlers who were ahead in the voting even asked to be removed from the polls.

Today, TNA has issued a press release stating that they have suspended the Gut Check voting and acknowledge the flaws in the system.

In January, we launched the Gut Check Challenge as an online competition to give many independent wrestling stars a chance to showcase their talents and potentially earn a spot on the IMPACT WRESTLING roster.

However, due to a number of issues with the voting - and in fairness to all the competitors - we have decided to suspend the Gut Check Challenge.

We will be re-launching the contest in the near future with a new voting system that will eliminate the voting issues. Stay tuned to our website for updates - and thank you for your continued support of TNA and IMPACT WRESTLING!

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