Re-Post - Impact Results (with Tons Of Video)

- We return to Jesse in the ring trying to cut a promo on the hostile crowd. He talks about Brooke banning him from ringside in Tara's match tonight. He starts to pose and tells people to get their phones and cameras out. He is interrupted by James Storm.

Storm gets a nice reception and tells Jesse these people came to drink some beer while somebody got beat up. He takes his coat off and says he going to kick the crap out of him and drink some beer. He tells him to call his dentist because he will kick his teeth down his throat. Very Stone Cold-esque. A ref gets in the ring and here we go.

James Storm vs. Jesse

Jesse gets some offense in the corner and chokes Storm out in the ropes. Storm turns things around and hits the Eye of the Storm. Storm is bleeding from the nose. He hits a reverse neckbreaker on Jesse and Closing Time after a series in between. Storm measures Jesse and hits Last Call for the win.

Winner by pin: James Storm

Storm mocks Jesse on the mic as he holds him up like a dummy and drinks some beer.

- Aries and Roode come out to Roode's music. Chavo and Hernandez are introduced by the lovely Christy Hemme.

TNA Tag Team Championship: Chavo & Hernandez (c) vs. Austin Aries & Bobby Roode

Roode starts with Chavo but Chavo hits him with a head scissors and a dropkick. Roode is flustered and tags Aries who comes in to Hernandez, unbeknownst to Aries. Hernandez runs over Aries but Roode interrupts the delayed suplex. Chavo comes in and hits a double suplex on the tandem. 'TNA' chants from the crowd. Roode pulls Chavo out and holds him for Aries but Chavo ducks the suicide dive and Aries slams into Roode instead as we go to break.

Hernandez hits a splash to Aries in the corner as we return but Roode breaks the cover. Chavo comes in and hits a dropkick to a seated Aries but Aries fights back in the corner. Chavo keeps him under control and tags Hernandez. Aries takes over on Chavo with help from Roode on the floor. Roode and Aries takes turns on Chavo.

Quote: Taz tells us that he has "a boil on my a$$."

After several minutes Chavo makes the hot tag to Hernandez who takes it to both challengers. He drops Aries in a backbreaker but Roode breaks the cover. Roode pushes Aries in front of a Hernandez shoulderblock. Chavo tags back in for 3 Amigos on Aries. Chavo pushes Aries into Roode and they have words. Roode leaves for the back. Roode comes back and pushes Chavo off the corner behind the ref's back and helps Aries hit the 450 Splash on Chavo for the win.

Winners by pin and NEW TNA Tag Team Champions: Austin Aries & Bobby Roode

- In the back, Bully Ray tells Sting that the crowd is going to be chanting 'Tables!' out there. Hulk Hogan walks in and Sting leaves with Brooke. Hulk tells Bully this table thing is by design because it is right up his alley. He says this is Bully's chance to prove how good he is. Bully says, "I ain't no good guy." He says he hasn't forgotten what Aces & 8's has done to all of them and their family. He says he is a very bad guy. Hogan says to end it for all of them and Bully says, "Consider it done." Bully leaves and Hogan gives the camera a kind of heelish "Perfect."

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