Re-Post - Impact Results (with Tons Of Video)

- More shots of Manchester. We go to a video of AJ Styles' adventures in the last few months.

- The lovely Christy Hemme tells us that the next Knockouts match is non-title. Miss Tessmacher comes out and shakes her booty on the apron. Knockouts Champion Tara walks out and looks back several times like she misses Jesse.

Tara vs. Miss Tessmacher

Tessmacher tries to steal one from behind right off the bat for 2. Tara takes Tessmacher over in a headlock but Tessmacher fights out. They go back and forth. Tessmacher lands stomps in the corner and rubs her booty in Tara's face in the corner. Tara brings Tessmacher off the top on her shoulders and hits the Spider Web for 2. Tara mounts Tessmacher and begins to choke her. Taryn the referee warns her.

Tara rubs her butt in Tessmacher's face and Tess rolls her up for 2. Tara keeps a slow pace. Tessmacher comes back with a head scissors rubs her crotch in Tara's face which gets a good response from the crowd and Taz. Tessmacher hits a faceplant for the win.

Winner by pin: Miss Tessmacher

- JB introduces the winner of British Boot Camp: Rockstar Spud. He is interrupted mid-promo by Robbie E. and Robbie T. Robbie E. gets in his face and says the fact that he won a contract is a travesty. He mocks Spud's lack of height. He gets on Robbie T's back and tells him to hold him back. He acts like a jerk and says big Rob will do whatever he says. Rob T. kneels down to pick up the clipboard and Spud clocks Robbie E. in the face. Spud encourages Robbie T. to fist pump in the ring. Robbie T. walks up the ramp alone and Robbie E looks at him, wide-eyed.

- Sting and Bully get ready in the back. Sting tells him to get his gameface on. Bully turns his hat around and says, "Maybe even put on the war paint." Bully and Brooke hug and she tells him to "Get 'em tiger."

- We see a video of Jeff Hardy getting hit in the knee with a hammer by Aces & 8's. Tenay says Hardy's MRI came back negative and he will be back to action soon.

- Devon and DOC make their way to the ring. Sting's music hits and he comes out with Bully Ray. Bully has Demolition style paint on his face but he reminds me of a member of Road Warriors.

Tables Match: Sting & Bully Ray vs. Devon & DOC

Sting and Bully take their opponents out at the same time right off the bat as the crowd chants for tables. They hit a double clothesline on DOC and send Devon in for a double shoulder. Bully hits a Stinger Splash to Devon in the corner at the request of Sting. Sting follows up with his own. Both members of Aces & 8's get clotheslined out of the ring as we go to commercial.

DOC hits a big boot to Bully as we return to action and chokes him out on the floor with his spiked belt. Devon mixes it up with Sting in the ring. Sting hits a scoop slam to Devon and holds his legs open as Bully comes off the top with a headbutt in homage to the Dudley's. Sting and the fans call for the table but Devon and DOC attack just as they are set up. They go to double suplex Sting onto it but Bully moves the table and Sting lands on the mat.

DOC throws Bully out of the ring and he and Devon set up the table again. They lay Sting on it and Devon tells DOC to go up top. Bully pulls Devon out and they take each other down on the floor in a double clothesline. Sting meets DOC up top and goes for the superplex but Knox comes in and moves the table. Knox holds Sting for Devon but Sting ducks and Devon strikes Knox. Sting hits the Scorpion Death Drop on DOC. Bully Ray no-sells Devon in the ring and Hulks-up. Bully hits the big boot and hits the spinebuster on the table for the win.

Winners by pin: Sting & Bully Ray

Hulk Hogan and Brooke come out to celebrate. Hulk raises Bully's arm in victory and all four embrace. I smell betrayal in this nice, happy picture soon. Mike Tenay signs off.

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