Details On Triple H Convincing Bruno Sammartino To Be Inducted In The WWE Hall Of Fame

Paul Levesque's efforts have all been very logical and speaks volumes for where things are headed and frankly, I'm impressed. Sure, there have been a few bumps in the road (i.e., Sin Cara, Kharma, etc) but that happens and of course, he hasn't weathered any nasty storms like Vince has endured but that'll come in time, too.

As for Bruno, wrestling is a business - a TOUGH one at that - and he will be making good money on this deal. I don't fault Bruno for what he did. Sure, Bruno is surely a break glass emergency chess piece god forbid the next horrendous WWE PR situation but there's much more to it than that.

Bruno will solidify his legacy for for his family and be celebrated by WWE for generations to come as Hulk Hogan's relevance diminishes within Titan Towers to the point that I suspect that by the time Levesque is in charge, Hogan will be a blur on videos and packages, which is unfortunate. And, if they were to do anything with Bruno for archival purposes, NOW is the time. He is a freak of nature for his age but the realities of age and health are looming for Bruno.

Congrats to Bruno Sammartino and all of his fans. It's a long overdo celebration of an iconic New York sports star. As a New Yorker, I'm very happy with how this transaction went. I'm sure Levesque and Bruno are too.

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