Thanks to reader Garrett for sending in these results from last night's WWE RAW live event from Poplar Bluff, MO:

The arena was almost completely full and the crowd was hot all night long.

Zack Ryder vs. Corey Graves
Ryder was out first with Graves following cutting a heel promo, decent match with Ryder picking up the victory with the Ruff Ryder.

Tensai vs. Alex Riley
Tensai came out first to a decent amount of heat and Riley followed with a decent pop. Before the match could begin Vickie Guerrero interrupted to a chorus of boos. She showed footage of Tensai dancing on Raw and declared that this match would be a dance-off. Riley deferred to Tensai to start and he reluctantly began to groove to the music, but Riley attacked him from behind. This swayed the crowd to cheer Tensai. At one point with Riley firmly in control the crowd revived Tensai and he finished Riley off with the running senton. As Tensai celebrated outside the ring Riley claimed his shoe was untied, and according to the WWE rule-book he was entitled to an immediate rematch. Tensai obliged and promptly hit another running senton to the delight of the crowd. Tensai then got on the mic and thanked the Poplar Bluff fans. Fun match to watch.

Kaitlyn vs. Tamina for the Divas Championship
Not much to report, decent match controlled by Tamina until Kaitlyn hit a spear out of nowhere to retain her title.

Team Rhodes Scholars vs. The New Age Outlaws
Rhodes and Sandow came out hugging each other and proceeded to announce their reunion tour. Tons of heat as Sandow tried to "Silence!" the crowd. They introduced a reunion T-shirt and said they had plenty to sell, but Sandow informed Cody that they were "sold out." Sandow offered to give away one of the shirts to anyone that could answer 3 questions: First, what state are we in? Sandow said the answer was Missouri, not Missoura as the hillbillies pronounce it. Second, what is the capitol of Missouri. He said he heard someone say Poplar Bluff. Funny stuff. Third, what tag team is greater than Team Rhodes Scholars? "Oh you didn't know?" Out come the outlaws to a huge pop. They do their usual intro with Billy remarking that he was surprised that Road Dogg remembered it all. Billy went to do his line but began by saying "If you smell..." Road Dogg stopped him and Billy said "I got it now...And that's the bottom line..." Road Dogg stopped him again and finally he got it right. The match began and it was a classic back and forth with a hot tag to Billy who hit the famouser for the victory.

David Otunga vs. Justin Gabriel
After intermission Gabriel and Otunga had a decent match which ending with Gabriel hitting a beautiful moonsault from the middle of the ropes between the turnbuckles.

Antonio Cesaro and CM Punk vs. The Miz and Ryback
CM Punk and Dolph Ziggler vs. John Cena and Ryback has been headlining recent live events, however neither Cena nor Ziggler were there tonight. Lots of heat for Cesaro and Punk, who came out on fire, ripping up fan's signs and yelling at Justin Roberts to introduce him as the people's champion. Miz was out next, then Ryback to a thunderous pop. Great match back and forth with Ryback finally hitting Shellshock on Cesaro for the victory.

Overall decent show. No Cena and no WWE champ, but the crowd seemed happy since all the faces won.

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