Thanks to reader Austin Brister for sending in these results from last night's TNA live event in Vicksburg, MS. Sean Lang contributed to this report:

In the opening match, Zema Ion and Christian York began by spending a few minutes vying for control of Zema's hairspray. When the wrestling actually began it was a general back and forth between the two with Christian York winning by pinfall.

Next came the Knockouts match for the title between Tara and Velvet Sky. After the entrances where Tara made a fool of herself trying to copy Velvet Sky. Tara won the match by using the bottom rope. Velvet Sky then proceeded to beat Tara to the point where she is stumbling around the ring.

Christopher Daniels and Kazarian come out next and cut a promo insulting the local women and calling for a reverse Mardi Gras where all of the women should put more clothes on. Chavo then comes out to face Kazarian with Daniels being sent to the back. During the match however Daniels returns, resulting in a DQ. Hernandez subsequently runs out to save Chavo. Referee Earl Hebner then changes the match type to a tag match and threatens Daniels and Kazarian with suspension if they don't answer the ten count. The return at the count of nine, and Chavo and Hernandez win the match.

Next, Austin Aries comes out and cuts a promo insulting the "beer drinkers" in the audience which leads to the arrival of James Storm. After a few minutes of action Aries leaves the ring and doesn't return until threatened with both suspension and being barred from entering the state of Mississippi again. He answers the count at the last second. He then proceeds to use brass knuckles multiple times before finally being hit by the Last Call.

After a brief intermission to set up the cage, Jeff Hardy enters to raucous applause with Devon rivaling him with the boos he received. Hardy defeated Devon. After the ref was knocked out, a member of Aces & Eights enters, and he and Devon begin to double team Hardy. After a few moments, Bully Ray rushes in and throws out both Devon and the Aces & Eights member. After a brief standoff, he presents Jeff Hardy with his title and raises his hand as the show ends.

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