Rosey Discusses His Brother Roman Reigns, Vince McMahon As A Boss, Helms, Umaga's Passing

Source: Wrestling 101

Josh Modaberi of Wrestling 101 recently interviewed former WWE star Matt Anoa'i, fka Rosey. Here are some highlights from the intervew:

Teaming with his cousin Eddie Fatu (Jamal / Umaga) in WWE in 2002 as 3-Minute Warning: "That was fun because there was a better confidence, when Jamal and I tagged there was a better sense of understanding in the ring, we were more experienced and had some more years under our belt after going to Japan etc. and getting a taste of the world before going back to the WWE.

"There is nothing like the WWE, it is the funnest thing on the planet it's thousands of wrestlers dreams to be able to walk out in front of WWE cameras so it was definitely a privilege and it was definitely fun."

The differences in the company between his stints in 1996 and 2002: "The thing I noticed the most was how the cliental had changed, the boys that were in the locker-room had changed a little bit. A lot of people don't really know what a locker-room was like back in the 80?s or 90?s, but my personal opinion is back then the locker-room was a lot more relaxed and everyone was having a little bit more fun and joking around.

"When it got up into 2002 it was a little more business like, they were trying to get a little bit more formal and classy. I hated the dress code that was the only thing I really didn't like about it, wearing a suit is the last thing I ever thought I would have to do as a professional wrestler."

Teaming with Shane Helms (The Hurricane) and winning the WWE tag team titles: "It was fun to do that because it was subtle change (laughs) from what I'd done throughout my whole career. We're in the entertainment business and if you can't adjust or adapt to something you're not in the right place, the worst thing that I could have done is not try.

"It was something different and I did get excited about it, I wasn't too pleased with the outfit or at least the super hero in training outfit but sometimes your do something and try to make it work, if they throw us a curve ball we try and hit a home run with it. When we won the Tag Team titles that was an exciting feeling, although it wasn't with a family member like it should have been, I was more than happy to win those belts with Shane, he's an awesome person and to this day one of my great friends.

Highlights from his time with WWE: "The table's match against the Hardy Boyz and Spike and Bubba Dudley was great, I really enjoyed working our first PPV match against Booker T and Goldust. I thought it was pretty fun chasing that midget around Las Vegas on Monday Night Raw, there's so many highlights I could probably go on for an hour talking about it but for the most part getting to wrestle against top names, working with Triple H, Kane, RVD the list just goes on and on."

What Vince McMahon was like as a boss: "He was great, I've known Vince since I was 5-years-old. I've never really been on his bad side except for maybe once or twice but for the most part he's a very understanding person, don't come to him with excuses come to him with solutions.

"Speak your mind to him just like he would do to you, and I think he respects you a little bit more, if you're going to talk back to the boss you better believe in what you're saying because he will sniff out a bulls--tter in a heartbeat.

Eddie's passing: "It was very tough, with Eddie, Jamal, Umaga, whatever you want to call him, he was dear to everybody. He was a big kid always laughing, always doing stupid things that would make you want to strangle him but ten minutes later he'll make you laugh till you pee your pants so how could you stay mad at somebody that long.

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