ROH Recap: McGuinness Confronts Cole And Hardy, Top Prospect Semi Finals Confirmed, More

Ring of Honor opens this week with the Top Prospect Tournament.

Matt Taven vs. ACH- Top Prospect Tournament

Both wrestlers adhere to the Code of Honor and tie up. The two go back and forth for several moments with lots of flips and cartwheels.

Taven takes over and kicks ACH to the outside. He then flies over the top rope, taking ACH out.

He rolls ACH back inside, and goes up top but ACH moves out of the way. They keep going back and forth.

ACH takes control with a baseball slide, sending Taven to the outside, followed by a plancha over the tope rope.

He sends Taven back into the ring for a two count. ACH then punches Taven several times, but Taven fights back with a pair of kicks.

ACH gets another two count, and then hits Taven with several forearms. He bounds off the ropes, but Taven counters with a kick to the head. He goes up top, but ACH cuts him off with a kick to the head.

Taven falls off the turnbuckle and ACH gets a two count. Taven does a swinging neckbreaker using the ropes for leverage, and then hits a Frog Splash for the win.

Winner: Matt Taven- Advances to Semi Finals

After the match Taven helps ACH up and the two pose in the ring.

Then, Nigel McGuinness is in the ring. He calls ROH TV Champ Adam Cole down to the ring, and then Matt Hardy.

Nigel says that he has called them both to the ring so that he can tell them both his decision about a match between the two.

Hardy wants the match because he feels he deserves it. Cole wants the match because he wants retribution over how Hardy won at Final Battle.

Nigel says that the two will have a match, but it won't be for the TV Title because Matt Hardy hasn't earned it.

Hardy declines and says he has nothing to prove to Cole because he already beat him.

Cole says that he has no problem putting his belt on the line against Hardy, and insists that Nigel reconsiders making the match a title match.

Nigel says that he is the matchmaker, not Cole or Hardy, and that Hardy has to prove he wants the match.

Hardy starts talking about all his former WWE titles, and says that because of those he deserves a shot. He says Nigel is jealous of him because Hardy's career was better than his.

Cole steps up to the plate for Nigel and says Nigel deserves respect, and tells Hardy not to talk about him. Cole says Hardy doesn't deserve respect.

Cole says he will give Hardy a reason to fight him, and then attacks him. Security comes down and pulls the two apart.

Inside ROH is then shown, and a preview of the semi finals of the Top Prospect Tournament is shown. Truth Martini gives his thoughts on all the wrestlers competing.

Then Adam Cole, Davey Richards and Michael Elgin talk about their upcoming Elimination match next weekend, and Bobby Fish and Kyle O'Reilly talk about their title shot at 11th Anniversary.

Then, The Briscoes and Caprice Coleman and Cedric Alexander are shown backstage getting hyped up for their match later.

Athena vs. MsChif

The two adhere to the Code of Honor, and then tie up. Athena hits MsChif with a springboard crossbody. MsChif comes back quickly and goes to work on Athena's middle section.

She hits Athena with a drop toehold, and Athena comes back with a kick to the gut.

Athena does a back handspring kick for a two count. MsChif comes back and whips Athena into the corner. She then stomps on Athena's back several times.

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