ROH Recap: McGuinness Confronts Cole And Hardy, Top Prospect Semi Finals Confirmed, More

MsChif whips Athena into the corner and charges her, but Athena lands a kick to the head followed by The O Face. She goes for a pin, but MsChif gets her foot on the ropes.

The two go to the apron, and MsChif tries to fight back. Athena kicks her inside, and goes up top again, but MsChif pulls her into the ring.

MsChif then ties Athena up in the ropes in the corner and slams Athena headfirst into the mat for the win.

Winner: MsChif

SCUM vs. The Briscoes and Caprice Coleman and Cedric Alexander

Everyone starts brawling, with the majority of the fighting on the outside for about eight minutes. There are three refs for the match.

At one point, Steve Corino and Jay head into the ring and Corino tries to get Jay to shake his hand. When Jay obliges, Corino cheap shots him.

Jay punches Corino in the head about 20 times. Eventually, Rhino comes into the ring and the two double team Jay.

The match then officially begins (I believe) and Corino takes Jay to his corner. Jacobs comes in with a kick to the head.

Back from commercial and Rhino is working on Jay. Corino comes in and attacks Mark, then kicks Jay. Steen comes in and chokes Jay with his boot. Corino chokes him with the tag rope, and then Steen delivers a knee to the head.

Corino comes back in and chokes Jay on the top rope. Steen punches Jay as the ref's back is turned.

Steen comes back in and punches Jay in the corner. He whips Jay and charges, but Jay slams Steen's head into the turnbuckle.

Mark comes in and cleans house on SCUM with Redneck Kung Fu. Caprice comes in for the save and dropkicks Rhino and Jacobs. Cedric comes in and he and Caprice hit Total Elimination for a near pin fall on Steen.

Everyone starts brawling on the outside again, and Steen goes up to the top rope and takes literally everyone out with a somersault plancha.

Steen and Cedric are in the ring now, and Cedric hits Steen with a tornado DDT for a two count.

The Briscoes head into the ring and try the Doomsday Device on Jacobs, but Corino breaks it up. Jacobs and Corino attack the Briscoes. Caprice comes in for the save, but gets hit by a Gore.

Steen comes in and hits the package piledriver on Cedric for the win.

Winner: SCUM

Following the pin Steen immediately leaves the ring and heads up the ramp, leaving the rest of SCUM in the ring.

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