Re-Post: WWE RAW Results With Tons Of Video

- WWE RAW opens up with a look at The Shield, Ryback, John Cena and Sheamus. The video shifts focus to WWE Champion The Rock and CM Punk.

- We're live from Nashville, Tennessee as Michael Cole welcomes us. Paul Heyman is waiting in the ring and the fans are booing him. Heyman introduces himself and they boo some more.

Heyman says tonight is the last time we will ever see Paul Heyman. The crowd pops now. Heyman says he will never play the victim role. Heyman talks about everything he sacrificed for ECW and then coming to WWE and seeing Brock Lesnar. Heyman says he sacrificed again and turned Lesnar into the next big thing. Heyman talks about meeting CM Punk and says he saw a man who could carry WWE into the future and even eclipse Bruno Sammartino's title reign. Heyman says Punk should still be WWE Champion right now. Heyman says he can see into the future and says something really bad is going to happen here. Heyman says he has become a distraction to Punk because of the McMahons obsession with Paul Heyman. Heyman says he can't let that happen so tonight, he's tendering his resignation. The crowd cheers.

Heyman rips the fans and says the one thing he won't miss is the WWE Universe. Heyman says Punk needs to be focused on the WWE Title and he refused to stand in the way. Heyman says Punk is his best friend and he loves him. Heyman says he can't stand out here tonight with Punk. Heyman says goodbye and the crowd pops big. Heyman stares off until CM Punk's music hits and out he comes.

Punk pleads with Heyman and asks him what he's doing. Heyman says he can't stand in the way. Heyman brings up Vince McMahon thinking he paid off The Shield and Brad Maddox. Punk says Heyman is too important to him and the company as a whole. Punk says the fans admire Heyman but they boo. Punk says he admires Heyman and looks up to him. Heyman says Vince has something in store for them and it will be worse than Vince screwing Punk at the Royal Rumble. Heyman says Punk has to let him go but Punk says no. Punk says everything goes back to normal on Sunday when he beats The Rock. Punk says Heyman will be in his corner. Punk says they are a team and Heyman agrees. Heyman gets loud and says he will be there to witness the greatness. Heyman says Punk is a gift from the heavens. Heyman hugs Punk for a minute or two until Punk's music hits. Heyman raises Punk's hand in the air.

- Michael Cole hypes The Rock appearing later tonight.

- Mark Henry is walking backstage. We go to commercial.

- Mark Henry is walking backstage. We go to commercial.

Mark Henry vs. The Great Khali

Back from the break and The Great Khali is dancing in the ring with Natalya and Hornswoggle. Out comes his opponent Mark Henry.

Khali takes Henry to the corner and works him over with chops and headbutts. Henry turns it around and hits Khali in the gut. Henry runs into an elbow and a big boot. Khali with more big chops in the corner. Henry fights back and splashes Khali in the corner. Henry drops Khali with a big clothesline. Khali gets up and Henry scoops him for a World's Strongest Slam and the win.

Winner: Mark Henry

- After the match, Hornswoggle checks on Khali in the ring. Henry comes back and grabs Hornswoggle, laying him out with a World's Strongest Slam.

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