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In a completely shocking and unexpected move, the International Olympic Committee voted during a meeting today in Lausanne, Switzerland to drop wrestling from its schedule for the 2020 Olympic Games. IOC spokesman Mark Adams said that the decision was not "a case of what's wrong with wrestling, it is what's right with the 25 core sports."

The vote was completed by secret ballot over several rounds, and the final totals were not revealed. Wrestling will now have to compete with several other sports for inclusion in the 2020 Games, which includes baseball, softball, karate, roller sports, squash, sport climbing, wakeboarding and wushu. The Associated Press noted that it is "extremely unlikely" that wrestling would be included so soon after being removed.

Several pro wrestling stars took to their Twitters to comment on the ruling, you can check out their reactions below:

Kurt Angle: "I'm Shocked. Will Do an Exclusive Interview Later today. Wrestling Will Stay in Olympics."

Big E Langston: "The IOC's decision to drop wrestling in 2020 is baffling. I learned life lessons on the mat that I'll never forget."

Alberto Del Rio: "WHAT!!!!! ARE THEY Pinche CRAZY!!!!! Wrestling out of the Olympic Games... Wrestling is been in the Olympics since the beginning as a REAL sport... Wrestling is been part of the Olympic Games since the beginning. It's a beautiful sport! But I guess shooting a gun or forcing a horse to Jump over hedges is more of a sport than wrestling to the committee. This is not right!"

Bill Goldberg: "Say it isn't so!!!!!!!! IOC drops wrestling from 2020 Olympics"

Shane Helms: "What????? All the nonsense "sports" that are in the Olympics and they're gonna try and take wrestling out?? That's completely absurd. Apparently, jumping sharks is now an Olympic Event... It's too early to be this heated. Damn the IOC. Bunch of buttnuts."

Jeff Jarrett: "What!!?? An original Olympic sport!"

Ricardo Rodriguez: "So the Olympics are dropping Wrestling? One of the original sports? Como que what?! 'stan locos!... I wrestled when I was in school and hoped to one day make it to the Olympics. It's such a shame they have taken an original sport out! B.S.!"

Colt Cabana: "Wrestling is out of the Olympics....thank god, that fake sh-t sucks."

Tyson Kidd: "Can't understand the thought process when making a decision like taking wrestling out of the Olympics"

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