- The Miami Herald has an interview with Jake "The Snake" Roberts discussing how DDP YOGA helped turn his life around.

"When I retired I didn't retire the way I wanted to," Roberts said. "I couldn't do anything, and that's not me in wrestling. I always gave more than I could. So that was my first thought was to do that again, but now my dream is to help other people. I've been helped so much by Diamond Dallas Page. I found out that I don't have to get high anymore with drugs. I can get high by helping other people… I would like to have a whole legion or army of ex-dope heads or ex-drunks that say, 'If Jake Roberts didn't give up and do this, I can too.' That's the message I want to get out there. If I make it into the hall of fame or one more match, that's wonderful. But what would make me really happy is to help others."

Roberts also revealed that he has started talking to three of his kids again. Page is also quoted in the story, you can check it out by clicking here.

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- TMZ has an article about the Iron Sheik, who wasn't happy with the decision by the International Olympic Committee to drop wrestling from its schedule for the 2020 Olympic Games.

"After 1000 years they take away the best sport in the world?," asked the former WWF Champion. "This is the first time the dumb motherf**kers have no balls for they make the walking an Olympic sport."

"If I see anybody on the street that work from the IOC I swear to the Jesus I suplex them put them in camel clutch break their back make them humble."

You can check out the full article at this link.

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