As noted yesterday, Diamond Dallas Page recently reached out to Scott Hall, who was going through a really tough time. Page invited Hall to move in with himself and Jake "The Snake" Roberts, who has lost over 60 lbs. since starting the DDP YOGA program last summer and has a whole new outlook on life.

Kevin Nash responded to the news on his Twitter, writing, "Scott told everyone 2 months ago he was going to DDP'S going to be there that weekend.Show me the tape when he walks in the door... This is my friends life,not a PSA.You want the truth it's not for you to know."

I spoke to DDP this morning, who admitted that he was very hurt by Nash's comments.

"Kevin is one of my best friends for over 20 years," Page admitted. "I didn't get it at all, it really, really hurt me.

"No one has helped Scott more than Kevin. Kevin is very protective of Scott over the last 20 years, but protected from with me... that blew my f-cking mind and really hurt."

Page noted that Hall is scheduled to arrive at his house this Monday, and admitted that the project was not even his idea.

"I never went into this saying I could cure Scott. I'm just one of the boys" Page said. "Sean [Waltman] contacted me and asked to help him. All I'm trying to do is make a place for my buddy because I have it to give and it's worked so well with Jake. To be perfectly honest, I wouldn't even attempt this without Jake. It Kev was single, he would have done it years ago.

"Scott took the Diamond Cutter [on Monday Nitro in New Orleans, when Page turned down an invitation from the nWo] from me! And Kevin took a backdrop over the top rope and it sky-rocketed my career. This was when nobody would do anything like that for me. And they did it because I asked them and we had been best friends for years. They helped me because of our relationship and they knew it was my time, and I never forget the people that helped me. We've all looked out for each other for years.

"So I'm here for Scott. Since Kev got offended by the video, I took it down and I'll play it for Scott when he gets here and I'm sure we'll put it back up. The out pouring of positivity that came from video was f-cking amazing... It's the same thing we did with Jake, and all of it made Jake the strongest Jake Roberts I've ever known."

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