Thanks to reader Matthew Hill for sending in these results from last night's TNA live event in Morgantown, WV:

The place was full. I'd say 1500-2000 people off hand. We arrived and were soon greeted by personality "high five" Jimmy Jay and informed of the merchandise deals and that "A-double" Austin Aries would be signing autographs at the merchandise table.

* Chavo and Hernandez defeated Matt Morgan and Joey Ryan in a 15 minute match.

* Knockouts Title Match: Tara (c) defeated Velvet Sky. Lots of involvement between Earl Hebner and the Knockouts.

Promo by Kurt Angle about saving wrestling in the Olympics. He was attacked by Wes Brisco. Bully Ray comes out to save and is attacked by Devon, which sets up a tag match. Good crowd participation, with lots of "coward" chants by the crowd after Bully Ray called Devon out on being one.

* Bully Ray and Kurt Angle defeated Wes Briscoe and Devon. Good 20 minute Match.

* James Storm defeated Robert Roode. Roode got into an argument with someone in the crowd. Lots of back and forth during the match.

* Cage Match: Jeff Hardy (c) defeated Austin Aries. Aries goes on a rant about West Virginia and it being a school night and all the kids should be in bed. Good match, even though it probably lasted less than 15 minute. Aries and Hardy both took rough looking bumps off the top rope. Roode came out about 10 minutes into it and dragged Aries out the cage while Jeff and the referee were both knocked down. James Storm comes down hits Roode, and rolls Aries back into the ring. Jeff hits him with 2 twists of fate for the win. After the match you could get your whole group's picture taken with Jeff Hardy next to the cage for $20 and they would print it out right there for you.

They had 3 guys working the merchandise table and 1 got taken away for autographs which left 2 and tons of people were trying to get merchandise. It was a cluster, but they did their best. They had a Brown Bag special that went along with the James Storm T-shirt for $30 where you got the new Cowboy t-shirt and the brown bag which came with 4 dvds, an action figure and the program. These sold out in about 10 minutes. I wanted one, but hey, the guy made me a deal and I got the program (which was $20 by itself), t-shirt and action figure for $30 (separately, I would've spent $55). Autographs were as follows: Austin Aries, Velvet Sky, Earl and Brian Hebner and Tara.

Earl and Brian did 2 different sessions, the first was a t-shirt only autograph for which you had to buy the $10 t-shirt to get the autographs. The second was free and there were chances to get your pic with them from your side of the table.

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