As noted earlier, Diamond Dallas Page recently reached out to Scott Hall to move in with himself and Jake "The Snake" Roberts and undergo the DDP YOGA program. Roberts has been doing the program since last summer and has lost over 60lbs. since starting it, and has said that he has a whole new outlook on life.

Kevin Nash originally was critical of the news, writing on his Twitter, "Scott told everyone 2 months ago he was going to DDP'S going to be there that weekend.Show me the tape when he walks in the door... This is my friends life,not a PSA.You want the truth it's not for you to know."

I spoke to Page, who said that Nash's comments hurt, but that they have since talked it out.

"Yeah, Kev gave me a call and we talked it all out," Page said. "I understood where he was coming from, and he understood what I was trying to do and we worked it out. He was just being protective of Scott [Hall], which is what he's been for years. One of the things that didn't come out, and we should have put it up, was [the video of] that call was made on January 2nd [2013]. And that was what sent Kev over the edge, because that's not what's happening right now in the time line. I just talked to him [Scott], he's gone through detox and he's sober 19 days which is an awesome start.

"It just hurt originally. But you know, once I saw Kev's side and everything, it hurt a little less [but] it still hurt [laughs]. But not anymore. Brothers will fight, but we come back together stronger than ever."

Nash sent out a Tweet over the weekend changing his stance, writing, "Talked to Scott today 4 over an hour, best he's been in 15 years.Thur detox and on to DDP.If anyone can take Scott 2 the next level it's him. Really don't give a f--k what marks think, just want what's best for Scott.Talked To DDP tonight feel were all on the same page."

"It was just one of those things," Page admitted. "Scott and I used to call him 'Big Grouchy' years ago. The one thing that's great about Nash is that he says what he feels. But if he's wrong, he'll pick up the phone and apologize. He's supportive of everything we're doing, and I think that Tweet he sent backed that. Kev actually talked about coming up and spending a couple of days with us in the middle of March, which would be awesome."

Hall is currently scheduled to move in with Page and Roberts tonight. Page said that the invitation was open-ended, and that Hall can stay "as long as he wants."

"It's all about creating the next purpose in life," Page explained. "People don't understand, and I do, is what happens after wrestling. What do you do when people stop chanting your name? For me, I already had that with the nightclub business before wrestling and now with DDP YOGA. It's all about how you re-invent yourself, so I'm gonna give Scotty a bunch of opportunities just like I did Jake. If he wants them, he can do them. It's all up to Scott. I think that there's a light bulb that went off with him recently, we've got some amazing footage to come. Like really AMAZING! Our documentary is going to inspire so many people.

"Scott hasn't even seen the Arthur Boorman video yet [which is below]. That's the first thing we'll show him when he gets to 'The Accountability Crib..' He sounded amazing when I talked to him on Friday, but until he gets here... you know? But what many people don't understand is we are filming a documentary and we put little teasers on You Tube. That's why we're filming all the time -- it's all real life! It was called The Resurrection of Jake the Snake, but now the new working title is It's NEVER too Late: The resurrection of Jake the Snake & Scott Hall. We've changed the name to It's NEVER too Late because the documentary has been taking on a life of it's own."

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