WWE RAW Results - The Rock's Championship Celebration, The Shield In Action, More

Sin Cara vs. Mark Henry

Sin Cara is in the ring waiting as Mark Henry makes his way out.

Cara ducks a shot and goes to work with kicks. Henry knocks him down and tosses him into the corner. Henry beats Cara up and stands on his back as the referee counts. Henry with a big splash in the corner. Cara with a kick to the face. Cara goes for another kick but Henry grabs him for a big running powerslam. Henry nails a World's Strongest Slam for the quick win.

Winner: Mark Henry

- After the match, Henry roughs up Cara and goes for another slam but out comes The Great Khali. Henry drops Cara and readies for Khali. Henry slides out to the floor before they can do anything. Henry mocks Khali's dancing from ringside. Henry runs his mouth at Khali and walks off.

- Up next, The Miz will get another shot at Antonio Cesaro in a No DQ match. Vickie Guerrero has made Jericho, Ryback and Sheamus vs. The Shield later on. Back to commercial.

- Back from the break and we get another vignette for Fandango.

No DQ Match: The Miz vs. Antonio Cesaro

We go to the ring and The Miz is in the ring with WWE United States Champion Antonio Cesaro. We see some highlights from their feud. The bell rings and Miz unloads on Cesaro and sends him out to the floor. Miz takes the fight to the floor but Cesaro throws him into the barrier. Cesaro rams Miz shoulder first into the ring post. Miz still is taped up like he was last night. Cesaro brings it back in the ring and grabs a steel chair.

Cesaro brings a kendo stick in. Cesaro whacks Miz with the stick and covers for a pin attempt. Cesaro props a steel chair up in the corner and goes back to work on Miz. Cesaro goes to ram his head into the chair but Miz counters. Cesaro fights him off but Miz rolls him up for 2. Cesaro with a kendo stick to the face for another 2 count. Cesaro uses a chair to tie up the shoulder now. Cesaro with another 2 count. Miz with a backbreaker. Cesaro turns it around again and hits uppercuts in the corner. Cesaro runs into a big boot. Cesaro cracks his knee into the chair and then gets dropped chest first into another chair. Miz locks in the Figure Four and Cesaro taps out for the non-title win.

Winner: The Miz

- Cole and Jerry Lawler talk about Jack Swagger winning the World Heavyweight Title. Swagger and Zeb Colter will speak later. We see a video from Zeb's YouTube page where he's talking about America and what it's become. Zeb says if you want a handout, he and Swagger will give you one in the form of a ticket right back to where you came from.

- Cole plugs Cena vs. Punk for next week's RAW. Still to come tonight, The Rock's championship celebration. We go to commercial.

- Back from the break and Kane and Daniel Bryan are backstage. Bryan says he doesn't feel comfortable teaming with Kane after what happened last night. Bryan says he asked Vickie for a singles match and he's facing Jack Swagger tonight. Bryan doesn't want Kane coming out with him. Kane says he will get his own match and doesn't want Bryan coming out with him. Kane says he doesn't deal well with snakes and Randy Orton appears, asking if someone is talking about him. Kane talks about stomping on snakes. Orton says there was a time when Kane would have scared him but he's a lot less intimidating now that he's hugging and doing group therapy. Orton says Kane is more like Barney the dinosaur these days. Bryan laughs. Kane turns back around and Orton is gone.

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