Re-Post: WWE RAW Results With Tons Of Video

- Still to come, The Shield vs. Jericho, Sheamus and Ryback. We see Paul Heyman walking backstage. Back to commercial.

- Back from the break and Paul Heyman is in the ring with Vickie Guerrero. Vickie has an announcement that will change Heyman's life. She will be naming a new assistant for herself and out comes Brad Maddox. Maddox comes out to the stage and taunts Heyman.

Maddox walks to the ring and talks. He says Vince McMahon is so happy with him he gave him this opportunity. Maddox and Vickie argue about what his title is. Heyman doesn't care about what either of them have to say and goes to leave but Vince McMahon appears on the big screen. Vince says that's not Heyman's surprise. Heyman sucks up but Vince tells him to close his mouth. Vince reminds Heyman that he granted him the stipulation for Elimination Chamber. Vince says he could fire Heyman and teases it but says that's too easy. Vince says he will come to the ring next week on crutches and fight Heyman. Vince smiles as Heyman drops the mic and looks shocked. Vickie and Maddox laugh at him.

- Still to come, The Shield vs. Jericho, Sheamus and Ryback. Back to commercial.

The Shield vs. Chris Jericho, Ryback and Sheamus

Back from the break and out comes Chris Jericho followed by Sheamus and then Ryback. Dean Ambrose, Seth Rollins and Roman Reigns come out through the crowd next. Ryback starts things off with Rollins and unloads on him in the corner.

Jericho comes in to calm Ryback down and goes at it with Ambrose. Jericho with chops and forearms in the corner. Ambrose runs into a boot. Jericho with a dropkick from the corner and a pin attempt. Ambrose with a knee to the gut. Jericho with a crossbody for 2. Sheamus comes in and Ambrose tags Reigns in. Reigns and Sheamus have words. Sheamus attacks and beats Reigns down in the corner. They brawl out of the corner. Sheamus runs over Reigns with forearms. Sheamus takes it back to the corner and hits a running knee. Clothesline in the corner by Sheamus. Sheamus hits White Noise on Reigns. Ambrose saves Reigns from a Brogue. Sheamus nails a Brogue on Ambrose as we go to commercial.

Back from the break and The Shield are in control of Sheamus. They triple team him and Rollins covers for 2. Rollins beats Sheamus down in the corner and stomps away. Reigns come in but Sheamus fights back. Sheamus with a big clothesline. Ryback comes in and unloads on The Shield. Ryback hits a spinebuster on Rollins and then the Meathook clothesline. Ryback goes for Shellshocked but Ambrose distracts the referee while Reigns spears Ryback. Rollins falls on top of Ryback but he kicks out at 2. Ambrose works over Ryback now as the fans chant for Jericho.

They keep control of Ryback and get cheap shots in while he's down in their corner. Rollins comes in to keep up the attack on Ryback. More quick tags by The Shield as they keep Ryback down. Reigns charges in the corner but Ryback moves. Jericho tags in and goes at it with Ambrose. Jericho kicks Rollins off the apron. Jericho with a bulldog on Ambrose. Jericho nails the Lionsault and covers Ambrose for 2. Jericho goes for Walls of Jericho but Ambrose rolls him up for 2. On the floor, Reigns shoves Ryback into the ring post. Jericho rolls Ambrose up for another Walls attempt. Jericho locks it in. Sheamus stops Reigns from interfering. Rollins leaps off the top and breaks the Walls, taking Jericho out. Sheamus and Reigns brawl on the floor while Ryback is laid out. Ambrose covers Jericho for the win.

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