WWE RAW Review: Rock And Cena Get Serious, Ziggler Loses More Momentum, Swagger & Zeb

- Tensai and Brodus has become one of my favorite parts of RAW. Always a bonus when we get to see Naomi wrestle. She's got skills!

- Will Team Hell No ever wrestle a tag match again?

- 2013 has not started well for Kofi Kingston. He is a great performer but his character is very one-dimensional. Don't really know what's in store for him moving forward.

- The "Assistant TO the General Manager" gimmick will ALWAYS get over.

- I guess Big Show was too embarrassed to show up on RAW. Thank goodness.

- With The Shield and 3MB being the only factions in the WWE right now, I think the company has a huge opportunity in front of them with "We The People". NXT's The Wyatt Family would fit perfectly, and Bray Wyatt is ready.

- The new Title design is really cool, but wasn't Punk the one slated to unveil it? Also, when Rock leaves again, does the Brahma Bull logo stay?

Overall, I thought last night's episode of RAW would have been perfectly suitable for the middle of September. It was well rounded where storyline development and exciting matches occurred. But this was February 18th, it followed the final PPV before WestleMania 29, and the most exciting segment was a belt unveiling. While RAW was certainly entertaining, it lacked a WOW factor that I was expecting to see.

That's all for me ladies and gentleman! Thanks so much for reading. Please let me know what you think about last night's RAW!

Tweet me your questions and comments at @MikeSouzaJT. Have a great week!

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