Conservative website, owned by noted conservative radio host Alex Jones, blasted WWE's Zeb Colter character for portraying Tea Party members as racist xenophobes. The article noted that Michael Cole and Jerry Lawler joked during last night's RAW that Coulter received fan mail from Jones, Glenn Beck and Rush Limbaugh.

The article read:

"This is part of the divide and conquer tactic of cultural subversion to manufacture racial division and to characterize the Tea Party, conservatives, libertarians, opponents of uncontrolled illegal immigration and constitutionalists as racist, extremist radicals who should be pushed to the fringes of the political discourse. Now the demonization runs so deep that it's even being bolstered by WWE wrestling."

Jones recently made headlines for his public feud with CNN host Piers Morgan, which you can watch below. Jones had started a petition to have Morgan deported after Morgan spoke in favor of gun control. Jones later appeared on Morgan's program, and went on an infamous pro-gun tirade where he said that 1776 would come again.

Jones is also well known for accusing the U.S. government of master-minding 9/11 and the Oklahoma City bombings, as well for spreading homosexuality through chemicals to prevent people from having children.

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