Source: WWE

WWE Classics has a fun article looking at ECW's invasion of WWE in the 1990's. Tommy Dreamer noted that WWE needed "a boost" as they were getting beaten by WCW in the ratings at that time. Jerry Lawler also discussed Paul Heyman working for him in Memphis, and admitted that he loved working with Dreamer. You can read the full article here.

You can also check out some videos from that period below:

A look at ECW invading WWE:

Rob Van Dam vs. Flash Funk on RAW on June 9, 1997:

Jerry Lawler & Rob Van Dam vs. The Headbangers on RAW on June 16, 1997:

Paul Heyman calls Jerry Lawler on RAW on February 17, 1997:

Tommy Dreamer vs. D-Von Dudley on RAW on Feb. 24, 1997:

Big Stevie Cool vs. Little Guido on RAW on Feb. 24, 1997:

Chris Candido (ECW) vs. Brian Christopher (USWA) on RAW on June 6, 1997:

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