WWE Main Event Recap - Big Show Gauntlet, Maddox Ushers In 'Brickie' Era & More

- We see a video package from the title match at Elimination Chamber and the new belt. The new belt design is growing on me. I am a belt-guy unlike some and I think that aside from the scratch logo being a little too large and prominent for my taste, and there being too much negative space in the main plate, it is going to be considered 'classic' in the future. Some blue from a globe or something would have filled that black leather space on the main plate nicely.

- Miz has rejoined commentary as Cole sends to video of Vickie Guerrero and Paul Heyman from RAW. They show a graphic for Mr. McMahon vs. Paul Heyman.

- We see a Tout from Brad Maddox and Vickie.

- Matt Striker interviews Brad Maddox in the back. Maddox does his quirky, off-the-wall delivery and likens his era "in charge" to the McMahon-Helmsley Era and The Attitude Era. He calls the Brad Maddox-Vickie Era: The Brickie Era. Maddox makes a match for RAW between Vince and Paul. He ignores Matt's comments about it already being made. Matt thanks him for his time. Maddox is gold on the mic, gold I tell ya'.

- Miz and Cole "Really?" in reaction to Maddox. Cole talks about Zeb Colter and sends to the Youtube video.

- Matt Striker is joined by Justin Gabriel in the back. He is interrupted by Titus O'Neil and his whistle who obnoxiously takes over the interview. Titus slaps his own arm skin and tells Gabriel that he is African not Gabriel. Gabriel says he has a number for Titus: 450. Gabriel walks off and Titus says 450 is the number of ways he will beat Gabriel tonight.

- We go to the ring and Justin Gabriel makes his entrance as we take a break.

- Titus makes his entrance as we return to the show.

Justin Gabriel vs. Titus O'Neil

Gabriel keeps Titus at-bay with kicks. Titus gets a hold of Gabriel and slams him hard on the mat. Titus talks some trash with the fans and to Gabriel as he continues to control the contest. Gabriel hits a missile dropkick out of the corner and flies over the top as Titus goes out to regroup. We go to commercial.

Titus grounds Gabriel in the ring as we return to action. Titus hits a big boot to Gabriel's face on the apron and he goes flying to the floor. Titus continues trash talking in the ring. Titus locks in a bearhug in the ring and then throws Justin over his head but only gets 2. Titus takes Justin's head off with a clothesline out of the corner for another 2.

Gabriel hits an Enzuigiri from the apron and comes off the top with a 450 splash for the win.

Winner by pin: Justin Gabriel

We see a replay. Cole plugs Punk-Cena and McMahon-Heyman for RAW as Main Event goes off the air.

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