WWE Main Event Recap - Big Show Gauntlet, Maddox Ushers In 'Brickie' Era & More

WWE Main Event Recap - Big Show Gauntlet, Maddox Ushers In 'Brickie' Era & More Photo: Johnny Gee Photography
Welcome to the WrestlingINC.com WWE Main Event Recap.

- The show opens with the opening theme and we go to pyro and usual crowd shots. Michael Cole welcomes us to the show on commentary with The Miz. They tout Alberto Del Rio's win over Big Show at The Elimination Chamber and show stills from the match.

- An irate Big Show comes to the ring and cuts his familiar promo about being a joke around here. He says it is due to Booker T's jealousy of him. He says nobody in the locker room can lace his boots. Show tells Miz to just sit there at ringside and keep his mouth shut. The Uso's interrupt and come down the ramp. The Uso's circle Show and attack him as the bell rings.

The Big Show vs. The Uso's

Show fights them both off and delivers chops in the corner, head-butts, and clubbing blows. Show throws as Uso over the top and side slams the other in the ring. Show goes for a splash in the corner but Uso pulls his brother out to the floor. The Uso's build tandem momentum in the ring against Show. They finally get Show up and over in a double suplex. The Uso's hit a double superkick and simultaneous diving headbutts from opposite corners. Both cover him but Show kicks out with authority.

Show powers back and throws Jey to floor and Jimmy gets a shoulder tackle in the ring. Show catches both Uso's in a double chokeslam and covers both for the win.

Winner by pin: The Big Show

Brodus Clay's music hits and not Show's, as the bell rings. Clay comes down to the ring as Show catches his breath in the ring.

The Big Show vs. Brodus Clay

The bell rings and the two big men lock up. They jockey for position and Show calls for a test-of-strength. Show punches Clay in the stomach instead and goes to work. Clay fights back with bodyshots and elbows in the corner. Show tries a chop in the corner but Clay blocks it and comes back with headbutts. Show throws Clay to the floor as we take a break.

Show is dominant with slow, physical and verbal abuse as we return to action. Clay writhes on the mat as Show batters his body. Show works the left arm of Clay. Clay fights back to a vertical base and headbutts Show to the mat. Clay lands two big splashes in the corner but Show kicks him in the face after. Clay avoids a big elbow on the mat and capitalizes with a big splash but Show kicks out. Clay charges at Show in the corner and Show catches him with the KO.

Winner by pin: The Big Show

Enter The Great Khali. Show is exhausted and perspiring. Khali walks to the ring rather quickly with an unusual spring in his step.

The Big Show vs. The Great Khali

Show goes at Khali with strikes but Khali backs him up with strikes and hits big chops in the corners. Khali takes Show down with a big clothesline. Show rolls to the floor as we go to commercial.

Show and Khali go back and forth as we return. Khali hits a big chop to the skull and Show rolls out before he can be covered. Khali goes out and sends Show shoulder-first into the steel steps. Khali ends Show back in but Show hits the KO to Khali on the apron and he falls to the floor. Khali fails to make the count.

Winner by count out: The Big Show

The Miz stands up at commentary and says that it's time to make the show must-see. Miz takes off his jacket and tie and jumps in the ring in his suit pants. Miz goes at Show hard and fast and knocks him to one knee. Show escapes the onslaught and slides to the floor. Miz delivers one final dropkick through the ropes as Show tries to get back in. Show gives up and walks up the ramp as Miz' music plays.

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