NXT opens this week with a recap of the finals to the NXT Tag Team Championship Tournament, which Adrian Neville and Oliver Grey won.

Yoshi Tatsu vs. Bray Wyatt (with The Wyatt Family)

The two circle around each other and tie up. Wyatt shoves Yoshi into the corner. Yoshi tries to chop Wyatt several times, but Wyatt doesn't move. He picks Yoshi up and slams him to the mat. Wyatt then picks Yoshi up again and clubs him in the corner. He then hits a body avalanche, followed by his swinging STO for the win.

Winner: Bray Wyatt

After the match, Wyatt throws Yoshi from the ring and grabs a mic. He tells The Wyatt Family to get in the ring, and a recap of their loss in the finals of the Tag Team Tournament is shown.

He says they let him down, after everything he has done for them. Wyatt looks at Rowan and says that Harper is his brother, and he caused them to lose the titles. He orders Rowan to hit Harper, which he does. The crowd starts chanting, "Hug it out."

Harper steps towards Rowan, and Wyatt holds him back. He says Harper is his general, and asks if he is sick of carrying Rowan. He orders Harper to hit Rowan, which he does. The two then start punching each other. Wyatt breaks it up and asks how the loss tastes. He says they shouldn't ever taste that again. They all leave the ring as Harper and Rowan nod at each other.

Then, Rene Young is backstage with Sasha Banks. She talks about Banks' secret admirer as someone off camera gives her another note. She starts reading it, and as she says the words, "here comes the big surprise" Audrey Marie attacks her from behind and says she can't believe what replaced her while she was gone. She tells her to get out of NXT and leaves.

El Local vs. Xavier Woods

They tie up and Local (pronounced low-kal) locks in a side headlock. Woods shoves him against the ropes and Local nails him with a shoulder block. The two exchange fast paced dodges, which culminates in a pair of arm drag takedowns by Woods. They go back and forth again, and Local sends Woods to the apron. Woods shoves his head between the ropes to drive a shoulder into Local's gut, but Local stomps on the back of his head.

Local hits a body slam, followed by a boot to the back. He then stomps Woods in the corner. Local hits an enziguri for a near pin fall, followed by a chin lock. Woods fights to his feet and the two go back and forth with kicks. Local locks a chin lock back in. Woods tries to fight back to his feet, but Local slams him into the mat, kicks him in the spine and locks in a headlock.

Woods fights out and hits a hurricanrana, followed by a missile dropkick. Local attempts a roll up, and then whips Woods into the corner. He charges, but Woods hits him with a boot. Woods then hits Local with a spinning DDT from the top rope for the win.

Winner: Xavier Woods

Rene Young is then backstage with Dr. Sampson, and he gives an update on Paige's shoulder. He says in a couple days they'll have a timeframe for when she will be able to return.

Audrey Marie vs. Sasha Banks

Banks goes for what looks like a roll up, but then starts slamming Marie's head into the mat. Marie pushes her off, and then hits Banks with a knee to the gut. She grabs Banks by the hair and slams her head to the mat. She then goes to work on Banks' arm with several different submissions.

Banks fights out with a hurricanrana, followed by several dropkicks. Banks then jumps up and turns in midair (like she is trying to hit Marie with her behind) and Marie catches her and lands The Photo Finish for the win.

Winner: Audrey Marie

Rene Young is then backstage with Summer Rae. Summer says no one should feel bad for her injury. She says Paige asked for the match, so it's her fault she got hurt. She says since Paige is out of the way she is going to go on to become the greatest WWE Diva ever. She then tells Young that from now on she is to be referred to as the First Lady of NXT.

Tyson Kidd then comes out to the ring on crutches to give an injury update. He talks about how he got hurt, and how his reconstructive knee surgery went. He promises he will be back.

He is then asked how he felt when CM Punk called him an underappreciated workhorse on Raw. Kidd says love him or hate him, you have to respect him. He says he felt flattered when Punk said that. Kidd says the term workhorse is a mentality and a way of life for him. He says it was instilled in him in the Hart Dungeon.

Leo Kruger then comes out and says Kidd is like a wounded animal, weak and vulnerable. He says Kidd should have stayed away. Kruger gets in the ring and kicks away one of Kidd's crutches. He picks it up as if he is about to hit Kidd, and Justin Gabriel runs out for the save.

Conor O'Brian vs. Big E. Langston

The two wrestlers stare at each other. They tie up and push each other back and forth across the ring, and break up. They circle around each other, and charge at each other. They tie up again and push each other around the ring. They break up and Conor charges at Langston, hitting him with a shoulder block. Langston doesn't move. Langston does the same thing, but Conor hits him with an elbow to the face. Conor punches Langston in the corner. Langston fights back with several punches, followed by a clothesline over the top rope to the outside.

Back from commercial, and Conor is in the corner. Langston whips him into another corner, and charges him but Conor sidesteps and Langston collides with the post. Conor chokes him on the top rope, followed by a series of punches and kicks. Conor keeps up the offense, going to work on Langston's shoulder. He hits Langston with a full nelson slam for a near pin fall, and then goes back to work on the shoulder.

Langston fights back and clotheslines Conor twice, followed by several knees to the gut. He whips Conor into the corner, and charges him. The two exchange punches. The ref gets between them to break it up, but the two ignore him and he gets shoved to the mat. The ref calls for the bell.

Winner: Double Disqualification

After the decision, the two keep fighting, exchanging punches. Langston clotheslines Conor over the top rope again and holds his belt up. Corey Graves runs at him from behind and hits him. Graves grabs the belt and gets out of the ring. He then runs out of the arena and Langston chases after him to end the show.

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