TNA Impact Results From London: Aces & 8's Stand Tall, New Champion Crowned & More

Winner by pin: Rockstar Spud

Robbie E. confronts Robbie T. in the ring and slaps him in the face twice. The crowd chants for Robbie T. as he throws down the clipboard and takes his shirt off. Robbie E. falls backward out of the ring and escapes up the ramp.

- Back from a break as the lovely Christy Hemme introduces the lovely Velvet Sky. Gail Kim is out next followed by Miss Tessmacher. Knockouts Champion Tara makes her entrance with Jesse. And finally, Brooke Hogan comes to ringside as she had promised last week.

TNA Knockouts Championship Elimination: Tara (c) vs. Velvet Sky vs. Gail Kim vs. Miss Tessmacher

All the ladies square off with quick elimination attempts. Velvet tries to fight off Gail and Tara in the ring but they team against her. Tara covers Velvet but Gail has a problem with it and Tara and Gail trade shots. Tessmacher pulls Gail to the floor out in front of Brooke and her "great legs." Tessmacher reverses Gail and hits a bulldog on the floor. Tara lays out Velvet in the ring and Tessmacher takes her place. Tara hits a moonsault from up top onto Tessmacher but Velvet recovers and hits an In Your Face to Tara. Gail comes in and steals the pin and throws Velvet out. Tara has officially lost the title.

Tessmacher lays out Gail in the ring and goes up top but Gail cuts her off. Velvet joins them and they hit a triple move as the crowd goes crazy with 'TNA' chants. Velvet rolls up Tessmacher in the corner to eliminate her. Gail unloads with stomps to Velvet. Velvet builds momentum and hits a head scissor takedown. Gail pins her in the corner but uses the ropes and referee Taryn calls her on it. Gail gets in Taryn's face; Taryn later pulls Gail's grip from the ropes. Velvet hits In Your Face to get the win.

Winner by pin and New TNA Knockouts Champion: Velvet Sky

- Hogan tells Sting to be the eyes in the back of his head tonight. Sting goes back into his own locker room where Bully is waiting. Bully is excited to be tagging with Sting and Hogan. Sting says they will put an end to it all tonight.

- Back from a break as we get an update on AJ Styles. Tenay says cameras are being sent to Georgia and we will hear from AJ next week.

- They send to a video of Wes Briscoe and Garett Bischoff's reveal.

- Garett Bischoff is introduced to the ring followed by Samoa Joe.

Samoa Joe vs. Garett Bischoff

Garett ducks Joe in the ropes and goes to the floor after ducking kicks. Garett lures Joe outside and gets the 1st-man-in-advantage. Garett keeps Joe down and works the left knee. Joe comes back with strikes out of the corner but Garett takes him back down and unloads on the left leg. Joe comes back with a vicious flurry takes Garett's head off with a kick and follows up with a Senton. Wes Briscoe enters the ring and the bell rings. Joe handles him but they are too much. Kurt Angle comes to the rescue as Wes and Garett bail. Angle grabs a mic and says he is the reason that Wes Briscoe got a contract and says he will face Wes in a steel cage at Lockdown.

- Back from a break as Kenny King is introduced to the ring followed by RVD.

TNA X- Division Championship: Rob Van Dam (c) vs. Kenny King

King kicks RVD out of the ring right before the bell rings and he goes to work on the floor. King rolls in and out to break the count. King rolls RVD in and gets 2. RVD fights back but King pulls him off the top and puts his butt in RVD's face and points to it saying, "RVD." King hits a snap suplex and floats over for some ground and pound. RVD takes King from corner to corner, points to himself, and kicks King in the face. RVD hits a monkey-flip but King lands on his feet and gets a near-fall on RVD.

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