TNA Impact Results From London: Aces & 8's Stand Tall, New Champion Crowned & More

We get dueling chants for each man. RVD hits Rolling Thunder and the 5 Star Frogsplash for the win.

Winner by pin And Still TNA X-Division Champion: Rob Van Dam

- Hogan convinces Brooke in the back that he has to wrestle tonight and that he is in good hands. Brooke tells him to be careful.

- We see a promo for Hardy vs. Bully in a cage for the title.

- Aces & 8's Devon, Mr. Anderson, and DOC come to the ring through the crowd. Sting comes out to a nice reaction. Bully comes out and meets Sting on the ramp. Hogan's music plays but he doesn't show. The crowd 'boos.' The music restarts as Aces & 8's attack the good guys.

Bully Ray, Sting, & Hulk Hogan vs. Devon, Mr. Anderson, & DOC

Sting and Bully make a comeback from the onslaught as we go to break.

Anderson is in control of Bully in the ring as the crowd continues to chant for the missing Hogan. DOC comes in to resume offense on Bully. He holds Bully for Devon who takes over. Bully fights back off his knees but it's no good. The ref keeps Sting at bay as Bully is kept in enemy corner. Bully hits a suplex on Devon and reaches for Sting but Devon pulls him back and tags Anderson. Anderson spits toward Sting which brings him in. The ref holds Sting back as Aces & 8's capitalizes. You would think Sting would know better by now. Bully hits a spear to Devon and makes the hot-tag to Sting. Sting goes to work and hits a Scorpion Death Drop on DOC but Anderson breaks the count.

We see Aces & 8's members Wes and Knox on the ramp with Brooke and Garett and the VP guy with Hulk. They are holding them hostage; Bully runs to make the save and they retreat. Sting's head gets taken off by DOC in the ring for the pin.

Winners by pin: Aces & 8's

Hulk favors his knee on the ramp as Brooke and Bully check on him. Devon stomps Sting in the ring and he holds them for Anderson and DOC. The other members enter the ring and stand tall in the ring. Taz says, "It's a good day to be a bad guy."

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