Superstars this week heads straight into the action.

Sin Cara vs. Drew McIntyre (with Heath Slater and Jinder Mahal)

The two tie up and Drew shoves Cara across the ring. Cara comes back and kicks Drew in the leg several times. He tries to keep up the offense, but Drew clubs him to the mat, followed by a boot to the head. Cara fights back with an arm drag take down, followed by a kick to Drew's head from the apron. Cara goes to the apron and kicks Drew back into the ring. Mahal distracts the ref and Slater pulls him from the apron to the floor.

Drew throws Cara back into the ring over the top rope for a two count. He then locks in an abdominal stretch. Cara fights out and tries to hit a hurricanrana from the top rope, but Drew catches him in a powerbomb position and tosses him across the ring. Drew charges and hits a big boot for a near pin fall.

Back from commercial, and Drew suplexes Cara. He then chokes Cara on the middle rope. He keeps up the attack for several minutes. Cara eventually reverses with an enziguri, followed by a springboard elbow off the ropes. He then hits a hurricanrana, followed by a crossbody from the top rope. He keeps up the offense, eventually sending Drew to the outside.

He springs over the top rope to take 3MB out, and Slater and Mahal catch him. They throw him back into the ring and turn around to celebrate. Cara kicks runs and kicks Slater and Drew through the bottom rope in the back. Slater and Mahal get angry, and the ref ejects them from ringside. Drew clotheslines Cara from behind and yells at Slater and Mahal. He turns around and Cara takes out his knee. He drops down and Cara hurricanrana's his head into the mat for the win.

Winner: Sin Cara

After the match a recap of John Cena's challenge to CM Punk for the number one contendership at Wrestlemania on Raw is shown.

Then, Vickie's announcement of Brad Maddox as her new assistant/ Vince McMahon telling Paul Heyman they will fight on next week's Raw is shown.

Naomi and Cameron vs. Natalya and Alicia Fox

Natalya and Cameron start things off. The two exchange reversals and Natalya hits Cameron with a shoulder knockdown. Cameron flips Natalya over her shoulders and lands a sort of monkey flip on Natalya from the corner. Natalya comes back and hits a bit clothesline. Fox comes in and spanks Cameron, then slams her into the turnbuckle several times.

Fox slams Cameron's head into the mat, and then locks in a headlock. She keeps up the offense, and Natalya comes in. She does a modified airplane spin to Cameron, and Fox comes back in. Cameron slams Fox's head to the mat and Naomi comes in. She lands several big moves (including a very painful looking hurricanrana). Fox whips Naomi into the corner, who flips over the rope to the apron. Fox charges Naomi, but Naomi hits her backwards. Naomi hits a crossbody from the top rope for the win.

Winners: Naomi and Cameron

After the match, The Rock's unveiling of the new WWE Title belt from Raw is shown to end the show.

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