- Maryse announced on her Twitter that she and The Miz are engaged. She wrote, "Sooooooooooo happy!!!!!!! #engaged ... love my baaabbyyyyyy @mikethemiz"

- Brodus Clay, Natalya and Alicia Fox spoke to children at Orange County elementary school in Orlando, FL yesterday, ahead of that evening's NXT taping. Bay News 9 spoke to the trio, and asked Fox about how the Diva's division has evolved since she first joined WWE.

"It's grown really massively," Fox stated. "But it's really cool because we have a lot of great girls. We're learning a lot of stuff about ourselves. [Natalya] and I have been road sisters for like 6-7 years now. So it's been really great. A lot of strong sisterhoods."

Natalya added, "You know, I've been a part of the WWE family since I was a little girl. My grandfather was recently indicted in to the Hall of Fame, and my uncles, my dad - WWE has always been a really big part of my life. Like Alicia is saying, the Divas and the women have evolved so much ... all these amazing, strong and powered women. I feel so proud to be part of the Hart Family representing WWE and standing tall and really being a strong, powerful woman here. I never ever have my arm twisted. I do the arm twisting!"

You can watch the interview here.

- Howard Finkel returned to ring announcing at last night's NXT taping. Natalya commented on Finkel introducing her match, writing on her Twitter, "Tonight I had one of the highest honors of my career in having @howardfinkel ring announce my match. There's nothing like it. #nxt"

Brodus Clay was also honored, tweeting, "@howardfinkel announced my match tonight life time dream on my bday only thing to top that would Gorilla Monsoon callin it"

Finkel responded to their praise, writing on his Twitter, "@BrodusClay Believe me, Gorilla had a ringside seat for it, and he was proud of you! The pleasure was all mine, my friend!!... @NatbyNature Nattie, it was my pleasure! You are so very kind with your comments!"

You can get full results from yesterday's NXT taping here.

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