Re-Post : WWE SmackDown Results With Video

Aksana shakes her butt in the ring and Kaitlyn and Layla capitalize. Aksana gains offense with a distraction from Tamina. Aksana talks trash and dominates Kaitlyn in the ring. Both women make the tag out. Layla gets the best of Tamina with quick kicks. Layla tags Kaitlyn behind Tamina's back. Kaitlyn hits the spear to Tamina for the win.

Winners by pin: Kaitlyn & Layla

Layla claims the Divas title and he referee has to peel it from her. Layla continues to eye the belt as she celebrates with Kaitlyn.

- Wade Barrett approaches and praises Jack Swagger and Zeb Colter in the back. Zeb says Barrett is the same as Del Rio because he is stealing a job from an American. He says Del Rio and Barrett should both go back to where they come from.

- We go the ring for Randy Orton's entrance as we go to break.

- Jack Swagger makes his entrance with Zeb Colter. For the record, they show a graphic and Josh emphasizes that Swagger is "WrestleMania-bound."

Randy Orton vs. Jack Swagger

Orton takes control after some back and forth. Orton keeps Swagger grounded with a headlock on the mat. Swagger escapes with a side suplex and makes a cover for 2. Swagger drops repeated elbows on Orton and runs him over with a shoulderblock. Orton rolls Swagger up from behind and gets 2. Orton hits a standing dropkick and stomps on Swagger's legs, arms, and face.

Swagger goes to the floor and wraps Orton's leg around the pole. Swagger goes for the Patriot Lock in the ring but Orton kicks him off and out of the ring. Orton hits a Thesz Press on the floor and unloads on Swagger. Orton hits a clothesline around the corner as we break for commercials.

Orton tosses Swagger onto the apron as we return and they go back to the floor. Swagger sends Orton into the steps and gets 2 in the ring. Swagger unloads with knees to the gut in the corner and gets another 2. Orton comes back and tosses Swagger back to the floor. Orton drops Swagger on the security wall and tosses him back in. Swagger attacks Orton's leg immediately upon entering the ring and hits a splash off the corner for 2.

Orton blocks one from Swagger and hits a suplex in the ring and sends him shoulder-first into the steel post. Orton hits his patented powerslam but Swagger derails Orton. Orton hits his ropes-DDT right in front of Zeb Colter. Randy coils but Zeb pulls Swagger onto the apron. Swagger rakes Orton's eyes and rolls him up in the ring.

Winner by pin: Jack Swagger

- Back from a commercial as we see footage of Brad Maddox and Vickie Guerrero from RAW. Josh sends to Mr. McMahon's challenge to Paul Heyman and we see the graphic for that match.

- A trailer runs for Dead Man Down.

- Wade Barrett is interrupted backstage by Sheamus who says Barrett is not the star of that movie. Sheamus does a hilarious impression of Wade in the movie and he just stands still and silent. Wade chuckles and says Sheamus losing two nights in a row to The Shield was bloody hilarious.

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