Thanks to reader A1 for sending in these results from last night's TNA live event in Detroit, MI:

The show opened with Joseph Park vs. Robbie E (w/ Robbie T). Parker won after Robbie E. slapped Robbie T and Robbie T walked off.

TNA Knockouts Champion Velvet Sky & ODB defeated Gail Kim & Tara after Sky pinned Tara. There were lots of "ODB" chants throughout the match.

They made a big deal about Earl Hebner reffing more matches than anybody, and he had on a new shirt and was signing shirts during the break with his son for $10. He even put on glasses and did a Bret Hart impersonation.

TNA TV Champion Devon defeated Magnus.

James Storn defeated Austin Aries with the Last Call. Aries got a lot of heat before the match talking heat about the Detroit Lions.

Kurt Angle pinned Mr. Anderson. There were lots of "USA" chants, which prompted Anderson to get on the mic and remind fans that he is from the U.S. and that we are all dumb. Anderson had a masked Ace & 8's member with him and Devon made a run in, but Magnus came out for a save, allowing Angle to win with the Angle slam.

TNA World Champion Jeff Hardy vs. Bobby Roode was up next. Hardy got a big pop from the girls and kids, and there were dueling "Let's Go Hardy / Let's Go Roode" chants during the match. When Hardy came out, he walked around the crowd with no bodyguards and there were people going crazy all around him. Hardy won the match with the Twist of Fate. After the show, Hardy was signing autographs and taking pics for $20.

Good show on a small stage, everybody in there was close to the ring, we had balcony seats. Not even close to a sell out, there were about 800 people there. It was a very small place for even a TNA event. The ring was in front on the stage so everybody was facing the ring and not around it. No Pyro, and a lot of guys were not there.

One of the biggest pops of the night was for ODB, and she signed autographs while they set up the cage.

Biggest pops: Angle, Hardy and ODB

Most heat: Aries, he did a great job as a heel.

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