Another Set Of Results From Tonight's WWE Event In Texas: Tumlin Interferes In Main Event, Zeb, More

Thanks to reader Luke Lyons for sending in these results from tonight's SmackDown live event in College Station, TX:

Match 1 – Damien Sandow vs. Miz

The night started out with Sandow making his way to the ring and insulting the crowd as usual. He pointed out that we were not even worth his time and that the crowd had no manners. AWESOME!!! Miz's music hits and Reed Arena erupted for him. The match was overall a solid match and Miz was impressive. There was a lot of back and forth, Sandow hit his Elbow of Disdain but Miz kicked out at two. Finally, Miz locks in the figure four and Sandow eventually taps out.

Winner – Miz

Match 2 – Layla and Kaitlyn vs. Tamina and Aksana

The divas were up next with a typical Layla diva effort, shaking and dancing more than wrestling, but did hit the nice double rope jump move of hers. Tamina had a few impressive moves throughout the bought and Aksana had a nice leg choke with Layla in the corner that lifted Layla off the mat. Kaitlyn hit a few shoulder bumps taking out her competition and eventually ended by spearing Aksana. It was overall a decent match and if the Divas actually got this much airtime, the state of their division would be in much better shape.

Winner – Layla and Kaitlyn

Match 3 – Jack Swagger w/ Zeb Coulter vs. Sin Cara

Swagger's music hits and is instantly booed for even appearing. He gets in the ring and proceeds to do his same skit from Raw and SmackDown this past week. Zeb then gets on the microphone and starts to talk about immigrants and that there were probably some illegal immigrants in the arena. Sin Cara's music hits and he gets a pop from the kids in attendance. Sin Cara was never in control of this match and Swagger got the easy victory with some impressive slams and the eventual ankle lock. On a side note, a "jailbird" and "Swagger go back to jail" chant were heard throughout the arena.

Winner – Jack Swagger

Match 4 – Fandango vs. Ted DiBiase

The most boring match of the night by far. Fandango comes out with a dancer in the entrance, she does not accompany him to the ring, but he does strut his stuff in the ring for what seemed like an eternity. Side note, his ring gear are typical "Dancing with the Stars" attire…pink sequined pants and matching vest. "I come from Money…" hits on the speakers and most of the crowd seemed surprised with Ted making his way to the ring. DiBiase got a nice crowd pop, but ultimately lost to Fandango in a very lack luster match.

Winner – Fandango

Match 5 – Cody Rhodes vs. Randy Orton

Cody Rhodes makes his way to the ring with a load boos, while to counter this Orton got probably the biggest cheers of the night. This match was probably one of, if not the best bought of the night. Orton tended to show of for most of the match, going for a ten punch count in the turnbuckle and later nailing a superplex from the top rope. Rhodes countered back numerous times but was unsuccessful and at one point jumped the railing and tried to leave the match. Randy did his, as Cole would say "Vintage Orton" move set and began to hit a flurry of clotheslines, the quick-snap slam and DDT from the ropes. Rhodes eventually countered with a "Cross Rhodes" but Orton manage to kick out at two. Rhodes then went for the "Disaster Kick" and Orton caught him with the "RKO." Overall, an amazing match.

Winner – Randy Orton

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