WWE RAW Review: Incredible Main Event, Zeb/ADR, Return Of Triple H, Barrett In Decline

Speaking of poor booking, I am particularly annoyed with the way Wade Barrett has been positioned since his return. When he got injured, he was red hot and potentially on his way to a WHC run. After running a series of vignettes, and allowing Wade to squash jobbers for 3 weeks, WWE made it seem like he would be picking up right where he left off. Unfortunately, since then, Wade has continually lost on TV, and the strap he has across his waist is now merely a prop he wears to the ring. (The overcoat and poppy was way cooler, no?) Barrett is far too gifted, both in the ring and on the mic, to be as irrelevant as he is right now. IC Title or not, WWE is not showcasing him correctly, which was exhibited again last night.

It is worth noting that while RAW was extremely entertaining, it felt like something was missing when both Chris Jericho and The Rock were absent. I understand that they both have other priorities, but while the show DID feature Brock Lesnar and one heck of a Main Event, it exploited the lack of true stars the company will have once WrestleMania is over. This all goes back to WWE not developing young talent to be positioned in a Main Event spot in the future. The Creative Team need to start pushing more young talent, as it has worked so well recently… i.e. The Shield, Antonio Cesaro, Damien Sandow.

Quick Hits
-The opening vignettes have been great lately. Huge upgrade from the soap-opera recaps we were getting a few months ago.
-I wish John Cena was intense and serious all of the time. When he speaks like he did last night, I really believe in the guy. Ps. That power-bomb was #SSSIIICCCKKK
-So happy to see Donald Trump in the WWE Hall of Fame. His history with WWE dates back to WrestleMania IV, and his on-air segments were gold.
-No matter how many times Ziggler nails the high-impact DDT, it always seems to confuse Michael Cole as to who hurt who.
-In case you missed it last week, WWE made sure we knew Mark Henry can slam Khali. I almost fell asleep… again.
-WWE really pushed its movies last night. #StraightToDVD
-While Darren Young always impresses me in the ring, Titus O'Neil has that "it factor" everyone talks about. When P2P breaks up, look for him to do big things.

Overall, last night's episode of RAW was entertaining throughout. Every high spot in the show was performed to perfection, and all three hours were entertaining. Additionally, the quantity and quality of matches were spot-on. Cena vs. Punk stole the show, but Miz vs. Swagger and Orton vs. Cesaro were the dark horses that most certainly made an impact. Hopefully WWE can continue to deliver solid 3-Hour shows like last night's leading in to WM29.

That's all for me ladies and gentleman! Thanks so much for reading. Please let me know what you think about last night's RAW!

Tweet me your questions and comments at @MikeSouzaJT. Have a great week!

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