Bruno Sammartino Talks WWE Under HHH, If He'll Meet With Vince Before The HOF, Current Stars

I spoke with 2013 WWE Hall of Fame inductee Bruno Sammartino for an interview last week. In the second part of the interview below, "The Living Legend" discussed upcoming films based in his life, if he'll meet Vince McMahon before the Hall of Fame, WWE under Triple H, current stars he enjoys, appearing on RAW after WrestleMania and much more.

Click here for the first part of the interview, where Bruno discussed the last time he was at Madison Square Garden, winning the WWWF title nearly 50 years ago, his last meeting with Vince McMahon and more. Also, make sure to visit his official website at to get more information about Bruno.

Wrestling INC: Had you dealt with Triple H at all before this?

Bruno Sammartino: Never. I heard from a few people did before I ever spoke to him and they told me that he was a very honorable guy and a sincere guy. I had heard these things, but I only knew him as the wrestler Triple H. I didn't know him personally in any way or much about him.

But, those six or seven months of conversations and different things with him, I remembered what I had had told about him. I was convinced that this guy loves the game, loves wrestling and he wanted it to be family-friendly. I got that very clear from him. I must take my hat off to the guy.

And in all honestly, I've been very critical of Vince McMahon because he was the big man, the big boss behind it all. But, I was also told by Dr. Maroon and others that he, too, was very sincere about changing the product and making the proper changes. I don't know if Paul was the one that convinced him or the two of them together.

I don't know. The point is that I was critical of them during that period but I must praise them today for making the game more family-friendly. I love that. So, everything for me is fine and I'm happily going into this Hall of Fame.

Wrestling INC: You mentioned Vince. Do you think that you'll meet with him before the Hall of Fame?

Bruno: No, my understanding with Vince is that the night at the Garden at the Hall of Fame, that he and I will probably have a private meeting and...see what happens. [Laughs.]

Wrestling INC: You've worked for both Vince and his father and many other promoters. Triple H is likely in line to take over the company when Vince decides to step down. With your dealings with Triple H, how do you see the future of WWE under his direction?

Bruno: Oh, I'm convinced that it'll just keep getting better. I really believe that because all the conversations I've had with him convince me of that. He wants it to be the best that it can possibly be and he wants to do everything in his power to make it the best.

He wants it to be very family-friendly and he wants to bring back some of the old school type of wrestling. Listening to him, I am very convinced that the product will get better and better all the time.

Wrestling INC: I know in the past you've spoken highly of Kurt Angle. Are there any of the other current stars that you're a fan of?

Bruno: Well, I'm not too familiar with too many of these fellows. Kurt Angle, I knew he was from Pittsburgh and I knew his background very well and his amateur days and, of course, going to the Olympics and all that.

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