Thanks to reader @BigJones24 for sending in these results from tonight's WWE taping from the Chesapeake Energy Arena in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma:

They start off the show with a recap of last year's WrestleMania matches on the titantron.

Dark Match:

* Bo Dallas defeated Curt Hawkins with a scoop slam.

WWE Main Event:

Michael Cole and Jerry Lawler come out and the Main Event promo plays on the titantron.

* Sheamus vs. Cody Rhodes is first. Cody mounted some impressive offensive early on and dominating the beginning of the match. After a back and forth match, Cody ducked the Brogue kick. Sheamus then dodged the enziguri and hit a Brogue kick to win the match.

* Mark Henry defeated Justin Gabriel with the World Strongest Slam in a slow match.

A picture of Triple H throwing Brock Lesnar into the ring post was shown on the titantron with the capion, "Game On."

There was a video package highlighting Ryback on the tron.

Cody Rhodes was backstage angry. Kaitlyn approached him and said that the 'stache doesn't give up.

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