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- Impact begins with a video recap Hulk Hogan's selection of Bully Ray as the #1 contender to Jeff Hardy's world title. After Aces & 8's attack last week, how bad is Hulk hurt?

- Earlier Today: Brooke and Bully arrive outside the arena and try to dodge questions about Hulk's status. Brooke says there is no update.

- We go to the Impact Zone for pyro as the announcers welcome us to the show.

- Bully Ray's music hits and he comes to the ring. Taz is M.I.A. and Bully calls him a coward on his way down.

Bully says it's cool to be back in the Impact Zone but he has never been more pissed off. He cuts a promo on Aces & 8's and runs-down what all they have cost various people in the past year. Bully swears to God that he will get his hands on Devon and make it that he will never want to get in a ring again.

Bully shifts gears and introduces his opponent at Lockdown, Jeff Hardy. Hardy comes to the ring with both title belts and slaps hands with fans at ringside. Hardy gets a hefty chant and Bully speaks. Bully says he never thought he would be in this position but he doesn't feel right about it. He doesn't think he deserves the title shot. Hardy says he's glad Hulk chose Bully. Hardy talks about their history with tables, ladders, and chairs. He puts out his hand and says, "May the best man win."

Daniels and Kazarian interrupt to the ring. Kaz says Thunderlips (Hulk) gave Bully the title spot just like he gave him his daughter. They get a huge "You guys suck" chant. Daniels gets his mic taken by Bully. Bully also downs his appletini and spits it back in the glass. Bully says real men don't drink that and throws the drink in Daniels' face. Bully and Jeff take care of Kaz and Daniels and Bully challenges them to a match for later.

- We go to Todd Keneley and Mike Tenay. Taz' seat is noticeably empty. Tonight we find out the participants for Lethal Lockdown and Gut Check returns with two ladies.

- Velvet Sky is on her way to the ring.

- Back from a break. Sting is in the office with Magnus. Magnus tries to make a case for himself being in the Lethal Lockdown match. He ends with, "Why not?" and leaves.

- Gail Kim joins commentary.

- Tara and Jesse come to the ring. Gail gets the winner of this match at Lockdown. Velvet Sky is out next.

TNA Knockouts Championship: Velvet Sky (c) vs. Tara

Tara goes right at Velvet with a kick to the gut and throws her by her hair across the ring. Velvet moves in the corner and hits a series of clotheslines. Velvet hits a spear on Tara and makes the cover but Jesse pulls Velvet's foot from the floor. Referee Taryn goes ballistic. Kind of the way Kelly Kelly used to do on RAW; her shrill screams and over the top actions being quite unbearable. Taryn throws Jesse to the back as Velvet hits the In Your Face for the win.

Winner by pin and Still TNA Knockouts Champion: Velvet Sky

- Austin Aries is on the phone with Bobby Roode, trying to get him there for a photo shoot. Aries is confronted by Hernandez and Chavo. Chavo informs him that Aries' match tonight is with Hernandez. We go to commercial.

- Earlier Today: Kenny King leads the camera crew to Rob Van Dam's locker room. He wants RVD to admit King is better. RVD grants him a match tonight for the title to settle it once and for all. But if King loses, he's out of the X-Division.

- Austin Aries makes his way to the ring followed by Hernandez. Taz has joined commentary and says he had some business to take care of.

Austin Aries vs. Hernandez

Aries ducks in the corner but comes out to play. Hernandez armdrags him out of the ring. Aries hits a shoulderblock off the apron but Hernandez overpowers him again. Aries uses Hernandez' own momentum to send him to the floor and follows up with a suicide dive. Aries hits a double axe-handle off the top and takes the action back inside.

Aries misses with a Frogsplash off the top and Hernandez takes over. Hernandez knocks Aries out of the ring like a rag doll. Aries starts to leave but Hernandez brings him back in. Aries hits Hernandez in face with a chain of some sort behind the ref's back for the win.

Winner by pin: Austin Aries

- Sting feeds Joseph Park ribs in the office and asks if he now knows what a 'rib' is. Sting sees Matt Morgan walk by and stops him. He offers Morgan to join Team TNA. Morgan doesn't want anything to do with Hulk Hogan.

- Rob Van Dam is introduced as we return. Kenny King is in the ring.

TNA X-Division Championship: Rob Van Dam (c) vs. Kenny King

They go back and forth and RVD hits a beautiful German Suplex as King takes a breather in the corner. King dropkicks RVD out of the ring but misses with the corkscrew. RVD lands a kick to the face and comes off the apron with a spin kick as we go to break.

King has taken back control in the ring as we return to action. RVD gets a boot up in the corner and makes a comeback. RVD hits Rolling Thunder and goes up top. He waits way too long talking to the ref and pointing to himself and misses with the 450 splash. King quickly covers RVD referee Hebner seems to botch the count but the match goes on. King hits the Royal Flush for the win.

Winner by pin And New X-Division Champion: Kenny King

King celebrates up the ramp.

- Kurt Angle wants to see Sting's list in the back. He notes a name on the list and asks Sting if he's sure. Sting says, "Desperate times call for desperate measures."

- We see footage of Aces & 8's attack on Hulk Hogan last week. They show a picture of Hogan's knee surgery. It is pretty gnarly.

- The unmasked members of Aces & 8's come to the ring. Devon takes the mic. He says there is no team that can measure up to them. Sting's music hits and he comes on the stage. Sting introduces the first member of his team, Samoa Joe. James Storm is out next. Sting introduces his 3rd teammate, Magnus. Sting says, "It's Show Time!" as Eric Young appears in the ring and they all brawl. Team TNA stands tall in the ring.

- Ivelise Felez warms-up in the back as we go to a video package for her. She is in tonight's Gut Check.

- An irate Aces & 8's leaves the arena as Kurt Angle stalks them in the parking lot.

- Lei'D Tapa is profiled in a video package. The Barbarian is her uncle. She is also in tonight's Gut Check.

Gut Check: Ivelise Felez vs. Lei'D Tapa

Felez is out first followed by Tapa. Tapa towers over Felez. She grabs Felez by the throat and lifts her but Felez counters. Tapa throws Felez off of her. Felez gets a big foot to the face and a huge clothesline. Tapa hits a powerslam and a big headbutt. Felez moves in the corner and hits a DDT but doesn't capitalize. Felez snaps off a hurricanrana but Tapa hits a Samoan Drop and Felez kicks out. Felez goes for a guillotine and Tapa taps. Not bad. Felez has legit skills and Tapa has an undeniable old-school presence about her. Look for both to make the roster.

Winner by submission: Ivelise Felez

- Austin Aries approaches Jeff Hardy in the locker room and says he is pulling for Jeff in his match with Bully. He says Hogan is in Bully's pocket like Jeff had previously. He leaves Hardy to resume doing his squats.

- A promo runs for The Miz in The Marine 3.

- Back from break as we go to footage from AJ Styles' home. We hear Testimonials from his family. They say he is not the same man. His wife talks about the Claire Lynch saga. She wonders if he's the same man she married. AJ arrives, unshaven. He sees the camera crew and leaves again on his motorcycle.

- A highlight package runs of Robbie T & Robbie E's relationship.

- Robbie E is in the ring and he says sometimes a bro has to admit when there is a bigger and better bro. He calls Rob "Terry" to the ring. Robbie E goes out and opens up the velvet rope for big Rob. They get in the ring and Robbie E says this has gotten out of hand. He says he slapping Robbie T was out of line and he wants to show him how much he means to him.

Robbie E asks the DJ to hit the music and he starts to dance. He stops and says it's Robbie T who deserves the spotlight. He leaves as Robbie T does his thing to the music. Robbie E sneaks back in and smashes Robbie T in the head with the VIP sign. Robbie T no-sells as Robbie E runs in fear.

- Aries approaches Bully in the back and says he is pulling for him but Bully isn't buying it. Bully tells him to get out of his face.

- It's dark now as Kurt Angle barges into a building as we return to the show.

- We go to the ring for Daniels and Kazarian's entrance. Bully Ray is out followed by Jeff Hardy.

Jeff Hardy & Bully Ray vs. Daniels & Kazarian

Daniels and Bully lock-up and Bully hits headbutts and chops in the corner. Kazarian comes in and provides the distraction but Bully clotheslines them both and mocks their Gangnam Style. Jeff and Bully double team as we go to break.

Hardy and Bully continue to double team Kazarian and Daniels in the ring. Daniels and Kazarian build momentum on Hardy and get a near-fall. Hardy hits Whisper in the Wind on Daniels and tags Bully. Bully goes to work on both men. Bully brings Kaz off the top and side slams Daniels. Kaz breaks the pin. All four men are in the ring. Bully hits a big boot to Kaz and sets Daniels up for the Swanton from Hardy.

Winners by pin: Bully Ray & Jeff Hardy

- Kurt Angle beats down Mr. Anderson and then Devon in the clubhouse. He beats on V.P. and goes to removes his mask. Angle says, "Oh sh*t! How could you man? Are you kidding me?"

- Impact goes off the air.

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