TNA Impact Results - Angle Unmasks V.P., Bully & Hardy Team, New Champion Crowned & More

- Lei'D Tapa is profiled in a video package. The Barbarian is her uncle. She is also in tonight's Gut Check.

Gut Check: Ivelise Felez vs. Lei'D Tapa

Felez is out first followed by Tapa. Tapa towers over Felez. She grabs Felez by the throat and lifts her but Felez counters. Tapa throws Felez off of her. Felez gets a big foot to the face and a huge clothesline. Tapa hits a powerslam and a big headbutt. Felez moves in the corner and hits a DDT but doesn't capitalize. Felez snaps off a hurricanrana but Tapa hits a Samoan Drop and Felez kicks out. Felez goes for a guillotine and Tapa taps. Not bad. Felez has legit skills and Tapa has an undeniable old-school presence about her. Look for both to make the roster.

Winner by submission: Ivelise Felez

- Austin Aries approaches Jeff Hardy in the locker room and says he is pulling for Jeff in his match with Bully. He says Hogan is in Bully's pocket like Jeff had previously. He leaves Hardy to resume doing his squats.

- A promo runs for The Miz in The Marine 3.

- Back from break as we go to footage from AJ Styles' home. We hear testimonials from his family. They say he is not the same man. His wife talks about the Claire Lynch saga. She wonders if he's the same man she married. AJ arrives, unshaven. He sees the camera crew and leaves again on his motorcycle.

- A highlight package runs of Robbie T & Robbie E's relationship.

- Robbie E is in the ring and he says sometimes a bro has to admit when there is a bigger and better bro. He calls Rob "Terry" to the ring. Robbie E goes out and opens up the velvet rope for big Rob. They get in the ring and Robbie E says this has gotten out of hand. He says he slapping Robbie T was out of line and he wants to show him how much he means to him.

Robbie E asks the DJ to hit the music and he starts to dance. He stops and says it's Robbie T who deserves the spotlight. He leaves as Robbie T does his thing to the music. Robbie E sneaks back in and smashes Robbie T in the head with the VIP sign. Robbie T no-sells as Robbie E runs in fear.

- Aries approaches Bully in the back and says he is pulling for him but Bully isn't buying it. Bully tells him to get out of his face.

- It's dark now as Kurt Angle barges into a building as we return to the show.

- We go to the ring for Daniels and Kazarian's entrance. Bully Ray is out followed by Jeff Hardy.

Jeff Hardy & Bully Ray vs. Daniels & Kazarian

Daniels and Bully lock-up and Bully hits headbutts and chops in the corner. Kazarian comes in and provides the distraction but Bully clotheslines them both and mocks their Gangnam Style. Jeff and Bully double team as we go to break.

Hardy and Bully continue to double team Kazarian and Daniels in the ring. Daniels and Kazarian build momentum on Hardy and get a near-fall. Hardy hits Whisper in the Wind on Daniels and tags Bully. Bully goes to work on both men. Bully brings Kaz off the top and side slams Daniels. Kaz breaks the pin. All four men are in the ring. Bully hits a big boot to Kaz and sets Daniels up for the Swanton from Hardy.

Winners by pin: Bully Ray & Jeff Hardy

- Kurt Angle beats down Mr. Anderson and then Devon in the clubhouse. He beats on V.P. and goes to removes his mask. Angle says, "Oh sh*t! How could you man? Are you kidding me?"

- Impact goes off the air.

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