TNA Impact Results - Angle Unmasks V.P., Bully & Hardy Team, New Champion Crowned & More

TNA Impact Results - Angle Unmasks V.P., Bully & Hardy Team, New Champion Crowned & More
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- Impact begins with a video recap Hulk Hogan's selection of Bully Ray as the #1 contender to Jeff Hardy's world title. After Aces & 8's attack last week, how bad is Hulk hurt?

- Earlier Today: Brooke and Bully arrive outside the arena and try to dodge questions about Hulk's status. Brooke says there is no update.

- We go to the Impact Zone for pyro as the announcers welcome us to the show.

- Bully Ray's music hits and he comes to the ring. Taz is M.I.A. and Bully calls him a coward on his way down.

Bully says it's cool to be back in the Impact Zone but he has never been more pissed off. He cuts a promo on Aces & 8's and runs-down what all they have cost various people in the past year. Bully swears to God that he will get his hands on Devon and make it that he will never want to get in a ring again.

Bully shifts gears and introduces his opponent at Lockdown, Jeff Hardy. Hardy comes to the ring with both title belts and slaps hands with fans at ringside. Hardy gets a hefty chant and Bully speaks. Bully says he never thought he would be in this position but he doesn't feel right about it. He doesn't think he deserves the title shot. Hardy says he's glad Hulk chose Bully. Hardy talks about their history with tables, ladders, and chairs. He puts out his hand and says, "May the best man win."

Daniels and Kazarian interrupt to the ring. Kaz says Thunderlips (Hulk) gave Bully the title spot just like he gave him his daughter. They get a huge "You guys suck" chant. Daniels gets his mic taken by Bully. Bully also downs his appletini and spits it back in the glass. Bully says real men don't drink that and throws the drink in Daniels' face. Bully and Jeff take care of Kaz and Daniels and Bully challenges them to a match for later.

- We go to Todd Keneley and Mike Tenay. Taz' seat is noticeably empty. Tonight we find out the participants for Lethal Lockdown and Gut Check returns with two ladies.

- Velvet Sky is on her way to the ring.

- Back from a break. Sting is in the office with Magnus. Magnus tries to make a case for himself being in the Lethal Lockdown match. He ends with, "Why not?" and leaves.

- Gail Kim joins commentary.

- Tara and Jesse come to the ring. Gail gets the winner of this match at Lockdown. Velvet Sky is out next.

TNA Knockouts Championship: Velvet Sky (c) vs. Tara

Tara goes right at Velvet with a kick to the gut and throws her by her hair across the ring. Velvet moves in the corner and hits a series of clotheslines. Velvet hits a spear on Tara and makes the cover but Jesse pulls Velvet's foot from the floor. Referee Taryn goes ballistic. Kind of the way Kelly Kelly used to do on RAW; her shrill screams and over the top actions being quite unbearable. Taryn throws Jesse to the back as Velvet hits the In Your Face for the win.

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