Extreme Rising Star Luke Hawx Talks About His Thoughts On Shane Douglas, Extreme Rising & More

Source: Kayfabe Wrestling Radio

"Look, I like Justin Credible, I do. I like Sabu. I respect them a lot; but it's just one of those things where these guys, they didn't care. They were going out there and the same old song and dance and it's like come on man; how much can the fans keep on going forward and paying money to see that and getting ripped off. They need to see guys who want to be there and want to be hard working. Who want to sit there and bust their ass and put on a good show for the fans. Now, fans don't have to agree with me, you know a lot of people don't like what I got to say, but one thing is I'll promise you, I'll never talk crap. I'm a straight shooter; I'm not going to B.S. you and I'm not going to lie to you. I'll always tell you 100% the truth and I hate people who are disrespectful to the business. I think it kills the business; there's too much going on, too many companies now struggling.

"What other good companies do you have in the US now, that are drawing good shows and having good profits, making profits? There's not many, they're few and far between and that's my point. So, to have a good opportunity and have a show and have a show draw over 2,000 people; you'd think these guys would be on their best behavior, trying to kill themselves and make these people want to come back in a month, or two months, or three months to see them again so they could get good paydays. But no, what did they do? They went in there and screwed it all up and got as high as they could and just didn't care. It was poorly book because Shane Douglas had his hands involved in it, so of course he had to put himself in the main event, knowing he was out of shape, knowing he couldn't perform, but his ego couldn't let him do it. Just like Pittsburgh; he had to put himself in the main event, because it's Pittsburgh, same deal, knowing he's our of shape. And he would have put himself over, I'm sure, if I wouldn't have almost killed Matt Hardy."

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