Recently, Matt Morgan sat down with Brandon Baxter's radio show to discuss his wrestling career, Impact wrestling and more. Here are some highlights from the interview:

How he views TNA: "Where do you start? It's uh, they like to compare wrestling to a three ring circus, right? You got your high wire act, so to speak in our X Division. You have the bearded woman in me, the giant: 7 foot tall 300 pound giant. You have the strongman in someone like Hernandez. You have um, ya know [TNA] Heavyweight Champion Jeff Hardy, if you will. The clowns, I don't know where you want to go with that, I won't dare call them our Knockout Division (laughter). But my point is we have a five ring circus, and we have something for everybody. We're not just an entertainment show, every single person on our roster can actually wrestle once that bell rings."

His favorite wrestler growing up: "Hulk is the guy I grew up idolizing. I'm sure you've heard other wrestlers and other people say the same thing. But for me, it's legit. Look at the size of me. I grew up to have the muscles I do because Hulk Hogan had them. That's the only reason. I learned to lift weights because Hulk Hogan did. I wanted to be a pro wrestler because that's what Hulk Hogan did. He was my Mt. Rushmore of idols."

His thoughts on Sting: "When I started at TNA, I made sure I did one thing, and that's change in the same locker room with Sting and Kurt Angle, and Kevin Nash at the time, so I could pick their brain and listen and learn as much as I can. And I still do to this day with Sting. Sting critiques every single match or interview that I do, and tries to help me brush up on my skills as much as possible. See the beard? This is Sting's idea."

You can listen to the full interview here.

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