ROH 11th Anniversary Results: New Champions Crowned, Steen Vs. Lethal, More

Whitmer heads into the ring and hits Haas with a trashcan. He puts the can on Haas' head and kicks it. Whitmer heads to the outside and tosses a ladder into the ring. He hits Haas in the gut with it, and then whips him into the corner. He picks the ladder up and hits Haas between the legs with it. He then picks a chair up and hits the bottom of the ladder several times. The two head to the outside, and Whitmer tosses him into the barrier. He charges Haas, but Haas dodges and tosses him into the barrier. Haas hits Whitmer with a chair, and then drops him spine first across the barrier. Haas tosses him into the ring and hits him several times with the ladder. He puts the ladder on the turnbuckle, and whips Whitmer face first into it.

Cheeseburger then comes to ringside and grabs Haas' feet. He turns around and Whitmer hits him with a steel sign. Haas picks up a garbage can lid, hits Whitmer with it, and then belly to back suplexes him over the top rope through the table. He rolls Whitmer into the ring and gets a pair of near pin falls. Haas puts the ladder on Whitmer and hits it about 20 times with a chair. Haas sets a chair up in the corner, and whips Whitmer into it. Haas then slides a table into the ring. He puts Whitmer on the top rope and tosses him through the table for a near pin fall. Haas then slides another pair of chairs into the ring. He sets them up and puts the ladder between them. He slaps Whitmer several times, and Whitmer slams Haas onto the ladder. He starts kneeing Haas in the head. The ref tells him to stop, and he doesn't so the ref calls for the bell.


The American Wolves vs. The Forever Hooligans

Before the match Koslov grabs the mic and says hello to Chicago. He asks everyone to stand up out of respect while he sings the Russian national anthem. He then starts singing. Romero stands next to him and puts his hand over his heart, singing along. He then thanks the crowd. They all shake hands. Richards and Romero start things off. They go to tie up and Romero hits Richards' knee. They stare each other down. They go to tie up again, and Romero hits a standing dropkick. They tie up, and Richards kicks Romero in the head. Richards mocks Romero, and hits Romero with a dropkick.

Richards charges Romero, and Romero puts his hands up and begs him to stop. He then hugs the ref, and shakes Richards hand. He goes to kick Richards, but Richards catches his foot. Edwards comes in and hits Romero with multiple chops. The Wolves hit both the Hooligans out of the ring, and then both hit them with suicide dives. They go back into the ring and Edwards keeps the attack up on Romero. Koslov comes in and Edwards hits a head scissors. He then hits Koslov with a kick to the head, followed by a knife edge chop. He bounces off the ropes, and Romero hits him. Romero then runs over and attacks Richards on the apron. They start fighting on the outside as Koslov rubs his forearm against Edwards' face. Romero comes in and chops Edwards in the corner. Edwards comes back with several chops, and Romero takes out his knee. Koslov comes back in and goes to work on Edwards' head. He hits a Russian leg sweep, and Romero comes in. He whips Edwards in the corner, and then clotheslines him several times. Eventually Edwards comes out of the corner and hits Romero with a clothesline of his own. He crawls to his corner and Koslov comes in. He attacks Richards on the apron. Richards comes in angry and hits Koslov with a missile dropkick. He then boots Koslov in the face and they exchange strikes. He tries for a German Suplex, but Koslov escapes. Romero comes in to do a double team, but Richards shrugs it off and sends Romero out of the ring. Richards kicks Koslov in the head and goes up top for a double stomp. Koslov moves and nails an enziguri. He then kicks Richards multiple times, and kicks Edwards off the apron. He picks Romero up and runs Romero's boots into Richards. Edwards comes in for the save, and takes both Hooligans out with Superkicks.

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